A Planet Called Treason Study Guide

A Planet Called Treason

A Planet Called Treason by Orson Scott Card

  • Lanik Mueller - main character, heir apparent of the Mueller throne, radical regenerative. Note: Also called Lady Lark.
  • Lanik Mueller 2 - a copy of the main character, grown from a loose organ of the original. He led the Nkumai against everyone, but later realized he was being used and joined the Muellers. A radical regenerative.
  • Ensel Mueller - Lanik's father, king of Mueller.
  • Dinte Mueller - Lanik's brother, killed by him, later was impersonated by a second Lanik Mueller (regrown from a loose organ) who had learned the powers of the "illuders".
  • Helmut (Schwartz) - Lanik's friend who discovers him dying in Schwartz, offering him help and curing him of his radical regenerative state. Helps him defeat the "illuders."
  • Mwabao Mawa (Nkumai) - de facto ruler of the Nkumai, later found to be an "illuder".
  • Saranna (Mueller) - the love of Lanik's life.
  • Lord Barton (Britton) - a Lord in Britton who helps Lanik learn of the "illuders".
  • Glain (Britton) - a man Lanik lives with for about a year.
  • Man-Who-Fell-on-His-Ass (Ku Kuei) - the first of the Ku Kuei Lanik met.
  • Man-Who-Knows-It-All (Ku Kuei) - a Ku Kuei who taught Lanik and Saranna how to control time.
  • Percy Barton (Britton) - Lord Barton's "son", actually an "illuder". Later found to be Mwabao Mawa.
  • Ruva (Mueller) - Ensel's wife. Plotted against Ensel.
  • Vran (Britton) - Glain's wife.

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