The Name of the Rose Study Guide

The Name of the Rose

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

Primary characters

  • William of Baskerville– main protagonist, a Franciscan friar
  • Adso of Melk– narrator, Benedictine novice accompanying William

At the monastery

  • Abo of Fossanova– the abbot of the Benedictine monastery
  • Severinus of Sankt Wendel– herbalist who helps William
  • Malachi of Hildesheim– librarian
  • Berengar of Arundel– assistant librarian
  • Adelmo of Otranto– illuminator, novice
  • Venantius of Salvemec– translator of manuscripts
  • Benno of Uppsala– student of rhetoric
  • Alinardo of Grottaferrata– eldest monk
  • Jorge of Burgos– elderly blind monk
  • Remigio of Varagine– cellarer
  • Salvatore of Montferrat– monk, associate of Remigio
  • Nicholas of Morimondo– glazier
  • Aymaro of Alessandria– gossipy, sneering monk
  • Pacificus of Tivoli
  • Peter of Sant’Albano
  • Waldo of Hereford
  • Magnus of Iona
  • Patrick of Clonmacnois
  • Rabano of Toledo


  • Ubertino of Casale– Franciscan friar in exile, friend of William
  • Michael of Cesena– Minister General of the Franciscans
  • Bernard Gui– Inquisitor
  • Bertrand del Poggetto– Cardinal and leader of the Papal legation
  • Jerome of Kaffa– Bishop of Kaffa
  • Peasant girl from the village below the monastery

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