The Wellwishers Study Guide

The Wellwishers

The Wellwishers by Richard Fountain

John Gideon is a man who specializes in fixing problems, all kinds of them, big ones, small ones, the kind you don’t want advertised on the evening news. Yet, when he accepted his latest assignment, he never expected the tumultuous events that would transform his life. For when he uncovers a sinister plot to infiltrate and destroy an obscure military installation, he can only ask the obvious question – why?

In THE WELLWISHERS, a professional CIA troubleshooter discovers a vast political conspiracy centuries in the making. Gideon’s investigation leads him to uncover a closely guarded secret that could not only rewrite history, but also change the balance of world power. Incredibly, he learns that mighty leaders like Genghis Kahn, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolph Hitler owe their rise to dominion to individuals born with a very special gift, a talent so powerful and unforgiving that they can bring joy and abundance or devastation and destruction to those who control them. Known simply as wellwishers, these individuals have shaped the destiny of many a king and queen.

Gideon learns that these wellwishers can harness the power of chaos, setting seemingly unrelated events cascading into one another until the end result is what was originally“wished” for. Even worse, he discovers that wellwishers exist today. Two of them, eight-year-old twins Amy and Emily Chase, are under the control of a covert intelligence organization code-named Project Gemini, and are being held in a top-secret city buried two hundred feet beneath the earth. Atechnological marvel, the quaint town of Littleton is exact to the finest detail and could easily pass as any small town in America. Yet, despite its wholesome veneer, nothing about this place is natural, nor is its purpose innocent.

The brainchild of billionaire industrialist Arthur Frist, Project Gemini’s sole purpose is to harness the girls’ power to influence world events, thereby ensuring that America remains the only true superpower. A ruthless and fanatical patriot, Frist will stop at nothing to keep the girls under his dominion. His head of security is former army major Cross DeKay, a cruel and sadistic psychopath with his own twisted agenda. Bent on fulfilling his own destiny, DeKay will inflict his unique brand of pain and punishment on any who stand in his way.

At odds with Project Gemini is North Korean Pak Te Hwan. Desperate to end the United States’ global imperialism and reunite the Korean peninsula under his rule, Pak must ensure that every obstacle to success is eliminated. Through guile and cunning, the ambitious politician has learned of the Chase girls and has ordered the capture of the twins and the destruction of Project Gemini. That job has fallen to Captain Choi Yong Jin and his elite Special Forces reconnaissance team. Trained to infiltrate the United States, Choi’s mission is to bring the twins back to North Korea, or eliminate them entirely.

Once entangled in this mystery, staying alive is the least of Gideon’s worries. The girls have wished to be free of Project Gemini’s imprisonment and Gideon has fallen under their charm. He cannot let them down, for in a game where ambitions rule, exposing the truth has far greater consequences - especially when the lives of two little girls are at stake.

Joining Gideon in his quest to save the twins is FBI Special Agent Natalie Reyes and child psychologist Majel Sossoman. In a race against time and fate, the trio must fight to outwit and outrun their adversaries, each vowing to keep the girls safe from harm. Little do they know…they are battling foes from both home and abroad. The struggle that ensues casts peace in doubt, as the outcome will determine the fate of not only two nations, but the world as well.

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