Man and Superman Study Guide

Man and Superman

Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw

Man and Superman is a 1903 play by George Bernard Shaw. Mr. Whitefield has recently died and has left a will directing the elder Roebuck Ramsden and the revolutionary Jack Tanner to take care of his daughter, Ann. Ramsden mistrusts Tanner and his radical beliefs but Ann does not. Though she does not adopt his belief in anarchy, she courts him and eventually marries him instead of marrying another suitor, Octavius Robinson.

Mr. Whitefield has recently died, and his will indicates that his daughter Ann should be left in the care of two men, Roebuck Ramsden and Jack Tanner. Ramsden, a venerable old man, distrusts Jack Tanner, an eloquent youth with revolutionary ideas, saying, "He is prodigiously fluent of speech, restless, excitable (mark the snorting nostril and the restless blue eye, just the thirty-secondth of an inch too wide open), possibly a little mad."

In spite of what Ramsden says, Ann accepts Tanner as her guardian, though Tanner doesn't want the position at all. She also challenges Tanner's revolutionary beliefs with her own ideas. Despite Tanner's professed dedication to anarchy, he is unable to disarm Ann's charm, and she ultimately persuades him to marry her, choosing him over her more persistent suitor, a young man named Octavius Robinson.

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