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Analysis of The Crucible Essay


The Crucible

What would you do if you were forced to admit to something you did not do, and if denial was chosen, death was your fait? In Salem Massachusetts 1692, 19 men and woman were sentenced to death, on charges of witchcraft. This mass murder caused by boredom of a couple girls. In Salem, the puritans greatly believed in god. God was everything to them. Because of the belief in god, the belief in the devil was brought about. Anyone who talked to the devil, or studied witchcraft would be hung if they denied or put in jail if they admitted. Judge Danforth would sign away 19 peoples lives during the Salem witch trails on the count of witchcraft. Judge Danforth uses power, religion, and fear to make people admit to wrongdoing. In the Crucible, Arthur Miller uses Danforth as an authoritarian to criticize the court system in Puritan society 1692.

In The Crucible, Judge Danforth uses his power, to twist and change the rules of the court. On pg. 85, Judge Danforth says, And how do you imagine to help her cause with such contemptuous riot? Now be gone. Your old age alone keeps you out of jail for this. Danforth is not using fair court; he is saying that if you are a certain age you cannot go to jail. On pg. 98 Danforth is making his own rules. Danforth says to Hale, No uncorrupted man may fear this court, Mr. Hale! None! You are under arrest in contempt of this court. This statement goes against court policy greatly. A person cannot be arrested because they are afraid of the court. Danforth thinks he is doing the right thing but he does not understand that he is killing many innocent people. On pg. 97 Giles knows a name but will not say it. The conversation goes as is, Giles: I will not give you no name. I mentioned my wifes name once and I will burn in hell long enough for that. I stand mute. Danforth: In that case, I have no choice to arrest you for contempt of the court, do you know that? Giles: This is a hearing; you cannot clap me for contempt of a hearing. Danforth: Oh, it is a proper lawyer! Do you wish to declare the court in full session here? Or will you give me good reply? Judge Danforth is threatening Giles. He is trying to arrest him during a hearing. In the Crucible Judge Danforth, also uses fear to make people admit to a crime.

In The Crucible, Judge Danforth uses Religion to make people admit to wrongdoing in his court. On pg. 108 Danforth says to Abigail, Abigail, I bid you now search your heart and tell me thisand beware of it, child, to God every soul is precious, and His vengeance is terrible on them that take life without cause. It is possible, child, that the spirits you have seen are illusions only, some deception that may cross your mind when Judge Danforth is telling Abigail that if she is lying she will be punished horribly by god. She could possibly not go to heaven. To the Puritans lying was a sin to God. On pg. 140 Danforth is trying to make Proctor confess. Praise to God, man, praise to God; you shall be blessed in Heaven for this, Now then, let us have it. Are you ready, Mr. Cheever? Danforth convinces Proctor that Proctor if he admits to wizardry hr will be praised and loved by god. However, Proctor is lying so it is a sin to God. On page 129 Danforth says to Hale, I speak Gods law. Danforth thinks that people have to admit to witchery or thy will have a horrible after life. The Puritans believed that when you are living, life doesnt matter, its your after life that matters, when you go to Heaven. Judge Danforth also used fear to convince people admit to wrong doings.

Judge Danforth likes to use fear to make people admit to crimes. On pg. 91 Judge Danforth says, I judge nothing. I tell you straight, MisterI have seen marvels in this court. I have seen people chocked before my eyes by spirits; I have seen them stuck by pins and slashed by daggers. I have until this moment not the slightest reason to suspect that the children may be deceiving me. Do you understand my meaning? Judge Danforth is talking to Rev. Hale. He is trying to reek fear in the eye of the beholder. On pg. 117 judge Danforth is speaking with Mary Warren, I cannot hear you. What do you say? You confess yourself or you will hang! Do you know who I am? I say you will hang if you do not open with me! Judge Danforth is threatening Mary Warrens life if she does not admit to her crime. This is a great example of scaring his victims. On pg. 140, Judge Danforth and Proctor are going at it, Proctor, you mistake me. I am not empowered to trade our life for a lie. You have most certainly seen some person with the Devil. Mr. Proctor, a score of people have already testified they saw this woman with the Devil. Judge Danforth is screaming at proctor. He believes that to strike fear into ones eyes is the only way to get the right answer you want.

In the Crucible, Arthur Miller uses Danforth as an authoritarian to criticize the court system in Puritan society 1692. Judge Danforth uses power, religion, and fear to make people admit to wrongdoing. Judge Danforth believed that he was doing the right thing by convicting all of these people. Whether he was right or wrong he kill 19 people for witchery, which is fake. Today this would be murder and Judge Danforth probably would not be a judge

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