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Commentary on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay


There is an old wise saying. You cant judge a book by its cover. This meaning someone can look real nice and sophisticated but deep down they may be a completely different person. In the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Dr. Jekyll is an old, proper, knowledgeable man who dedicates his life to science. Using his genius, Jekyll creates a potion that transforms him into a complete opposite of Jekyll known as Mr. Hyde. Hyde is a ruthless anger young man who is short and muscular. So it turns out that when Jekyll drinks the potion his inner personality comes out which is Mr. Hyde.

What does Jekylls potion really do? Does it turn yourself into your complete opposite? Or does it just bring out your inner personality? I believe that when drinking the potion it would bring out both your inner personality and opposite characteristics. A person who you think may have a perfect life, that is really nice, and cares for everyone on the outside, could be changed when drinking Jekylls potion to this person that could perhaps be really mean and wouldnt mind if you were alive or dead it all depends on what you hide inside.

Jekylls potion could also could change your physical features dramatically. From beautiful to ugly, short to tall, fat to skinny et cetera. The Question is what do I think would happen to me if I happen to drink Jekylls potion? I would become a lot bigger and a lot stronger; I also would become very ugly because women already happen to find me attractive! Not to mention chicks wouldnt dig my ogre looking Hyde side.

Not only would my physical characteristics change but my attitude would also change significantly. My attitude would be the complete opposite of what it is now. I wouldnt care for anyone or anything. Furthermore I would probably loose most of my friends just like Jekyll did because if you change your ways your friends defiantly will not want to be around you especially if u turn into a huge mean version of shrek. Not one person would like to have a big mean monster as there friend.

My whole outlook on drinking Jekylls potion is that it is vile and not worth ingesting. It is true it may make me big powerful and give me more freedom, but is it all worth changing your personality and your whole perspective on your friends and family. In my opinion nothing in the world is worth giving up friends or family. There is a quote my grand dad had told me once before, The world is a mirror it reflects back to you what you are.

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