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Conflict in The Crucible Essay


Conflict is a part of everyday life and we experience it in so many ways but fail to notice, the stereotypical assumption of conflict is related to wars and assault where as conflict can be internal or external and unfortunately as the scars of wars heal the scars imprinted on those of the family members will not heal but will only fuel revenge and hatred. Conflict is necessary as in the burst of anger and adrenaline we lose control over our body and are forced to reveal what we really feel instead of analyzing its impacts and effects, it causes fear in the individual as we realize something we might have had we might not anymore, it makes us realize how lucky we really are to be gifted with what we have and this is exemplary in The Crucible as towards the end of the book Elizabeth and John resolve their conflict and appreciate the love that they have for one another and are truly thankful for each others company in life and the immense respect shown is bewildering to the reader.

In the crucible we witness the effects conflict has on many individuals and how it alters their thinking and their lives forever. An example of this would be John proctor and inner struggle faced by him to overcome his sin of lechery, in the conflict faced by John we witness his deep love for his wife Elizabeth and his deep commitment and determination not to sin again I will cut my hand before Ill ever reach for you again in his bid to rectify their relationship John attempts to please his wife in any way possible but through conflict he is able to truly express his love for his due to his realization that she might not live again, and as she witnesses his deep commitment to their relationship Elizabeth attempts also to rectify their relationship. Even though both of their efforts resulted with no outcome, it is evident at the end of the book that both of them realize their mistakes and are truly able to express themselves and able to speak to one another with total comfort and no boundaries and limitations; A great and very famous example of this in real life would be Joan of Arc of France, through conflict which had been raging on her country and the loss of her family she realizes that her country is at a loss thus igniting her patriotic flame and hence her will to drive the intruders out and restore her country to its people.

Whilst the conflict between John and Elizabeth may be evident, if The Crucible were to be examined as a whole it is evident that the people of Salem paranoid about natural and common occurrences encouraged by the mystic red Indians are forced to come to terms with the truth that the accusations of witchcraft thrust upon selected individuals of Salem are dumfounded. Conflict also leads to greater conflict and sorrow it is necessary as the embodiment of it may lead to worse consequences as witnessed in the Virginia University shootings where a student driven by his hatred and lack of ability to deal with conflict day to day resulted in the death of himself and many other innocent students. Conflict in its many forms needs to be resolved before it becomes so large that it consumes ones thinking and causes an individual to act in such a violent and hostile manner.

Conflict is apparent everyday from bullying to the struggle raging in each and every one of us in our attempt to differentiate between what is good and bad, and hopefully do what is good. We should encounter the conflict and find a resolution to the problems in our lives before we act in such a malice manner.

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