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Conflict in Macbeth and Ladyhawke Essay


Conflict influences everyone in how they act and what decisions they make. Macbeth (by Shakespeare) and Ladyhawke (by unknown) are perfect examples of this. Both stories have people in them, Macbeth in Macbeth and Philippe in Ladyhawke, that face conflicts that will affect how they act and the decisions they make. Conflict influences the decisions and actions of both Macbeth, a tragic hero, and Philippe, a hero.

In Macbeth, Macbeth was a tragic hero because he had a flaw in his personality that ultimately caused him to perish. His conflict was that he wanted power too badly and would kill to get it. His ambition made him lose sight of what he had and focus on what he wanted. In the end, because of his tragic flaw, he ended up being killed by Macduff since he was such a bad king. At the end of the story he learned that, no matter what, evil never wins and good will always triumph. If he had not been so focused on power and not let his ambition drive him to kill so many innocent people then he himself might not have been killed.

In Ladyhawke, Philippe was a hero. He was an ordinary person who was acting in extraordinary ways. In the story Philippe must help two lovers, Navarre and Isabeau, reach each other even after a spell was put on them to keep them apart. To do this Philippe must use his brain to bring the two together rand his brawn because he is putting his life on the line for someone else. Both of these combined are used to break the spell. As a result of this Philippe learned that love beats all and that no matter what love will triumph.

In both Macbeth and Ladyhawke two people faced conflicts that they must overcome. Macbeth, a tragic her, faced his tragic flaw and the corruption it caused him. Philippe, the hero, faced the problem of bringing the two lovers together. Both people put their life in danger, be it from themselves or guards looking for them; the difference is how they handle it. Macbeth, in the end, cracks and is killed while Philippe triumphs and is a hero. They both learned the same lesson though, that good always triumphs over evil.

In both stories good triumphed over evil. Macbeth ended up dying from the results of his tragic flaw, ambition, and Philippe ended up becoming a hero for helping the two lovers. In the end they both ended up learning the same lesson, that good triumphs over evil, even though their conflicts were different, as well as their motives.

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