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Comparing She Walks in Beauty and When We Two Parted Essay


After reading two beautiful poems by George Gordon She Walks in Beauty and When We Two Parted a reader can see some similarities and differences between those great works by a brilliant author. Both poems have in common the content of words that are said, the both addressed to a woman which author has a deep feelings for, but one poem describes the beauty of that woman when second one describes the feelings of the author. Second both poems are written in the sad tone, those poems dont sound happy but more like a silent admiration of ones beauty and second one a silent grave of missing a loved one. Both poems is a great poems that reader wont forget for long time after reading.

She Walks in Beauty is a poem describing a beauty of the woman. He is describing not a regular woman that you can see every day walking outside but one that is so dear to his heart. By the way he describes her, readers can tell that he knows her really well. He describes her in details that only a person for whom she is important would notice. He is admired by her stunning beauty. In the poem author compares her beauty to the night, / Of cloudless climes and starry skies (1-2). It is beautiful. He describes her beauty comparing it to the starry skies and it is an unforgettable scene that stays in ones mind even if seen only once. Every little star adds up to make a gorgeous scene. There is nothing too much that should be taken out of the picture and nothing needs to be added there, and Gordon describes her beauty just same way in words One shade the more, one ray the less, / Had half impair'd the nameless grace(7-8). Even one shade more would change that look and make it look not as beautiful as it was. There is nothing needs to be added to that look or taken away, its perfect the way he sees it now. In his words readers can tell that he admires her. Also, in this poem the author shows how the woman he describes and nature supplement each other. He describes her love innocent so is nature. He shows how her beauty can fit together with the beauty of the nature. He sees a nature in the beauty of the girl and finds the most beautiful things in her image to compare to beautiful parts of the nature. He is describing her beauty as one would describe nature; so calm and soft just like the night after a long day so dear to ones heart, that covers everything in its darkness and only beautiful stars on the sky lighten it with soft light that calms down all problems of the day and makes you forget about it, not like the light of the day which shines right in the eyes and makes you want to turn away, but her beauty is not like that. Her beauty is expressed in her image which is outside also she is beautiful inside which makes her eyes which are the windows of the soul show the best of the dark and bright. The whole poem is describing the beauty of this girl, esteeming her beauty knowing that he will never forget it.

When We Two Parted is a sad love poem. In this poems author is describing his feelings and explains why he feels that way. He is addressing this poem to a girl he really loves but cant be with her. He grieves her with all his heart but cant share his feelings with anyone else because their relationship was a secret. In lines twenty fine and twenty six he is saying In secret we met-- / In silence I grieve(25-26). By this lines he makes it clear to the reader that the relationship that he had with this girl was private. Byron talks about people talking about her around him not knowing that she was so dear to him. A shudder comes over his body when he hears her name spoken by others but cant do anything about it. Unlike in poem She Walks in Beauty, the author doesnt consider a girl innocent. He says that her vows are all broken, which makes a reader assume that she has done something to him that made him feel the way he feels. This poem is more down to earth and the author shows the problems people have to deal with when they are apart from the ones they love. However, from the way he feels about the girl readers can still tell that the author loves the girl and still admires her even after all his suffering.

Both poems are addressed to the woman an author has a deep feelings for. Even though women who those poems are addressed for are dear to the author he cannot be with neither one. Reader can see from the content of the poems that it is not possible for the author to be with the women he is talking about. In poem She Walks in Beauty it is made clear in the last line A heart whose love is innocent, from this line it is clear that her love doesnt belong to anyone but innocent. It sounds like he wont dare to pertain on her love but can only see her beauty and enjoy from the side. In poem When We Two Parted we see the same thing happening in line twenty five. Author says In secret we met- / In silence I grieve(25-26) which means that they used to be together but it was in secret. Now they cannot be together anymore even in secret, reader can see it from lines If I should meet thee / After long year(29-30) which tells a reader that he doesnt really has a hope for meeting her again, the If part of those lines gives it a feeling of hopelessness of the author to ever meet her again, and even if he meets her after years How should I greet thee!- / In silence and tears. One more similarity of these two poems is that women he is talking about are not regular strangers. He talks about her eyes saying that And all thats best of dark and bright / Meet in her aspect and her eyes. A regular stranger who just saw a person for a moment wouldnt notice even a color of the eyes of the person but he is describing her eyes as something he knows, something that he has been exploring for a while. He knows the eyes he is talking about and they are dear to him. We can see the same in the second poem when author begins the poem with words When we two parted / In silence and tears and continues latter on in the poem They know not I know thee, / Who know thee too well which makes clear to the reader that the woman he is talking about here is not just a stranger to him but the one that his heart is breaking when she is not near, and he knows her too well even though people around him dont know that they know each other. It is hard for the author to forget women he is talking about in the both poems. It doesnt really say that in the poem that he cant forget the girl but it is clear from the content of the poem and from the description he uses to describe the girl which beauty is unforgettable. In the second poem When We Two Parted Byron says it in twenty third line Long, long shell I rue thee (23) which shows that forgetting the woman he is talking about in the poem is impossible to the author. Both poems intersect with nature somehow. In the poem She Walks in The Beauty, he uses a lot of metaphors with the nature. The author describes her beauty and innocence using comparisons with the nature. In the poem When We Two Parted he says Pale grew thy cheek and cold (5) and The dew of the morning / Sunk chill on my brow (9-10) which still makes you think of nature. A reader is most likely to picture an early morning on which they feel a chill and cold which makes them feel lonely or puts them in melancholy. Thats how the author shows that he misses the girl he is writing about.

I really like both poems. Even though they are about two different situation, they have many similarities. The most I liked about it is how author uses nature in two different ways. In poem She Walks in Beauty he shows how goddess nature is and in poem When We Two Parted he shows the other side of it, which is cold and ruthless. I also liked the way that both poems beautifully describe feelings and thoughts of the author. In these two poems the topics are very different but the beautiful way that he describes his feelings is similar in both poems. Finally both poems are written very well with perfect rhythm in both poems which gives them a song-like sound. Both poems sound like a sad silent song that plays in someone's heart.

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