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Comparing Elinor And Marianne In Sense And Sensibility Essay


Elinor and Marianne are sisters who although share a very close bond have personalities that are completely different. They have different attitudes toward the men they love and how they express that love shows how opposite they are.

Elinor is the calm sister. She is the one who is always in control. She is the sister with the sense. She is always keeping things together and is very practical and motherly. Elinor keeps things to her self and doesn't show any emotions. She is in control. She is concerned for the welfare of others. Elinor is in love with Edward but tells noone. When she finds out he is engaged she doesn't run and cry, she hides her emotions very well. She believes in following her head rather then her heart. She is always worrying about everyone else and in turn does not stop to worry about her own well being and problems. Elinor represents the quality of sense.

Marianne on the other hand acts on the spur of the moment. She is spontaneous and feelings come firstto her, she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is in love with Willoughby and she pours her heart out for him. She takes walks even though it looks like rain. She is passionate andstubborn. She is the example of sensibility.

Elinor still shows us passion even though she is the one with the sense and Marianne having the sensibility is not always foolish and head strong. THey learn from one another. They learn how to express themselves and still keep their dignity and self control.

I believe Jane Austen prefers a combination of both sense and sensibility. She has two main characters in her book and she gives one the sense and one the sensibility. At the end of the book we can tell how much the two are different and how much the two are alike. We see how much thjey change how Elinor realies it is alright to be in love and let everyone know about it. We see how Marianne learns to start caring for others and not to be so opened about her feelings just a little more subdued.I like how she made them so completely different and so much alike all at the same time.

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