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Commentary On I Too Am America Essay


Commentary on I too am America

The poem I too sing America is written by Langston Hughes and is set in the time of segregation. On paper, blacks and whites soon became equal but in reality blacks were still discriminated and treated with no respect whatsoever. The poem is told from the point of view of an ordinary black person but he represents many others. The poet has expressed himself all through poetry. Throughout the poem, Langston Hughes uses metaphors, allusions, personification and a lot more figurative language, which makes the poem this descriptive, powerful and effective.

The first line in the poem I too sing America is clearly stating that he too is an American despite his skin colour, and that he still has the right to feel pride in being American. It also shows blacks too represent America and feel proud and happy singing the American Anthem just like whites do. The second line, I am the darker brother indicates that he is black and also signifies brotherhood, that all Americans are one big family, that they are equal. The poem then shows in a metaphor that black people were always lower than whites, always deserved less and were treated with less respect they send me to the kitchen when company comes. Also it shows that the kitchen was the right place for the blacks, where they must be hidden when guests arrive as though whites were ashamed of keeping blacks in their home. It also indicates isolation, that blacks had no right to stay with the whites and that they ought to always be separated. Furthermore, it describes being black as an embarrassment.

However, the poem then describes the determination, the strong hearts of the blacks and that to them it certainly wasnt an embarrassment to be black, but in fact something to be proud of. But I laugh: this shows that despite his situation hes still strong enough not to let it weaken him. Also, it then shows that he is never giving up and will try hard always making the most of what hes got, And eat well. In addition to that, he describes that he will be successful get and will somewhere in life, And grow strong.

Tomorrow, this is a metaphor in the poem describing the future. Ill be at the table, this line has an extremely strong meaning. It is an allusion, but also indicates the table of brotherhood itself. In which blacks and whites are united, both brothers, both equal. As well as being a table of brotherhood it can also be a table in which people gather together and make choices together, however this table (according to the whites) has no space for blacks. It was indeed mentioned in Martin Luther Kings I have a dream speech. When company comes. Nobodyll dare say to me eat in the kitchen. Those lines describe the bravery and strength of the black people, that they too have rights and deserve to be equal.

Theyll see how beautiful I am this once again shows his pride. And be ashamed this describes that the racists will realise the truth and see they were indeed in the wrong. The last line I too am America is use of personification describing that he too is part of the American nation.

Overall this is a very powerful poem with a clear message. Its use of language makes us gain a very deep understanding of the poem. There must be equality between blacks and whites. Blacks deserve freedom and rights just as much as whites.

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