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Catcher And The Rye: Analysis of Holden Essay


Holdens Analysis

The transcript that I chose was from a book called A Catcher In The Rye. I chose the section in the book where the star of the book Holden, just got a prostitute and she is entering his hotel room. He starts to back down and make excuses not to have to sleep with her. I chose this section because so far in the book this is the only section in the book that has caught my attention because its so shocking. During the script Holdens tone very nervous. The reason why I think that he was nervous is because she kept coming on to him and he didnt know how to take it.

She also was sounding pretty nervous. Holden even said it himself. She was pretty nervous for a prostitute. {The Catcher In The Rye pge.94}. For the most part there were not really any big words used. Every thing was short and simple. The sentences were also kind of small. A slang that was said was something that Holden had not heard in a while. Like fun you are {pge.95 The Catcher In The Rye}. they didnt really address each other bye any thing. I think that thats because there were only two people in the room at the time so they were talking directly to each other.

There conversation didnt really stay on track because she was trying to pursue something but he was trying to go a different way. How old are you? Old enough, do you have a watch { pge.96 Catcher In The Rye}. In the conversation every one talks back and fourth. Holden talked most of the time maybe cause she was kind of nervous and ready to do what she had to do and go. In my opinion this conversation was kind of important because 1 of the reasons that Holden did not want to have sex with her is because he felt bad for her and also because he respected her enough not to. That was a very respectful thing to do.

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