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Setting in Candide Essay


The setting in Voltaires Candide is important, since Candied is a travelogue the setting plays a major role in the story line. As the setting changes the events and challenges the characters endures change as well. One major aspect that influences the setting is the political attitude of the time. The social structure is another aspect during the enlightenment that affects the setting as it directly relates to what the characters knows and owns. Voltaire uses the religious attitude of the time to create the setting as well. The changing of the settings provide an outlet for new adventures.

The primary source of government is a monarchy when Voltaire writes Candide. This takes his characters to many adventures in lands where kings and nobility rule. The story in West Phalia were candied is born in the castle of the baron of Thunder-Yen-Tronckh. Pangloss is the oracle of this castle; he gives instructions on metaphysico-theologico-cosmoloonigology. Prangloss proves to Candide that there can not be a cause without an e

The setting of Voltaires Candide is an essential element to the shoreline. The setting changes the characters and their adventures. The political social, and religious attitude of the enlightenment is reflected a great deal in Candide. Understanding the period of time in which Voltaire writes this story brings is key in understanding the different settings. The enlightenment period influences the setting in Candide.

Just as kings control the government, the pope controls the church and the members of the clergy have political influences as well. During the Enlightenment, the church excommunicated many nations. Voltaire takes his readers on an adventure to Paraguay. In Paraguay Candied and Cacambo are surrounded by soldiers who believes them to be their enemies the Spaniards. Cacambo tells the soldiers of Candides request to speak with their captain. A sergeant warns them that the reverend father provincial has forbidden all Spaniards from speaking

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