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Savage Ancestry in Call of The Wild Essay


Every single animal, even if they have been domesticated for thousands of years, can shed of their diverse skins and adapt to their surroundings. In the novel Call of the Wild by Jack London, he shows us that even the most domesticated animal can go back into his savage ancestry to settle in to his environment. Buck, a St. Bernard and Scotch Shepherd, has to break through his layers of skin of domestication to be the leader and dominant alpha male that he is destined to be. While on his journey to dominance of this harsh and unforgiving environment, Buck must break the chain of domestication of thousands and thousands of years to become the leader he is meant to be and answer the call of the wild.

The Arctic is a ruthless and merciless environment that Buck must adapt to because only the strong and quick witted survive. Buck determines no fair play. Once down that was the end of you. Pg.15 Buck must learn and adapt quickly to stay alive in the hazardous and treacherous environment. Buck must be able to convey out his savage-like qualities and fight back to assert his dominance. Though Buck is domesticated, it was the wolf manner of fighting, to strike and leap away pg.15 Buck is looking over the other dogs and acquiring the laws of the Arctic. Buck is slowly discovering his inhabitant ways and becoming more of the dominant male. Buck is domesticated yet he has traveled back to his roots and slowly becomes a savage beast like his ancestors.

The Arctic is a hard environment to live in and only the natural born leaders have the instincts to be the dominant male in this condition. Bucks instincts for example, possessed a quality that made for greatness-imagination. He fought by instinct, but he could fight by head as well.Pg.40 Bucks senses are why he is a leader but his imagination is the real key to his triumph. Buck is total package and is the all around king of the Arctic because of these phenomenal skills. Buck feels, the warm taste of it in his mouth goaded him to greater fierceness. Bucks instincts are taking over his body and he is reacting to them on ever instant. The primordial beast inside of him is anxious to come out and carry out his life. He is domesticated but he has the qualities of a true leader and the environment he is in is going to bring it out.

Through Bucks experience and his masters, he must become his own master and answer the call of the wild. As Buck is becoming his own master, he had killed man, the noblest game of all, and he had killed in the face of the law of the club and fang. Buck has killed the animals that used to rule over him. He is his own master now and nothing will get in his way to total dominance and the last strand of connection with the domesticated world has been cut. While Buck merges with his new wolf horde, Buck ran with them, side by side with the wild brother, yelping as he ran. Buck has answered the call of the wild and has become his own primordial beast. Buck no longer answers to anyone but himself, he has undergone his mutation. Buck had to go through a hard transformation and he has successfully come out of it with pride and is now the dominant alpha male of the Arctic.

The insensitive environment of the Arctic and years of domestication an animal goes through can still be conditioned to be the warrior he is meant to be. Buck had to clash his way to the top of the group and become the one and only top leader. He had to fight the years of domestication and become the primordial beast thats inside him. Finally, he had to let go of his love for humans one thing he has held dearest to his heart and answer the call of the wild. All animals, even if they have been domesticated for thousands of years, can shed of their different skins and adapt to their environment. Bucks precarious journey and his full renovation have made this lesson never too old to hear another time.

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