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Commentary on Brian's Winter Essay


The book that Im reading is Brians Winter. Its the sequel to Hatchet, written by Gary Paulsen. The point of the book is to tell what would happen to Brian If he didnt get rescued and if he had to endure the long winter to come.

In the beginning Brian is living his life in the forest by himself and he is oblivious to the signs around him that summer is ending. It eventually hits him once, fall is almost over. He then realized that the leaves were changing colors and it was getting colder. It struck him that he would have to adapt his lifestyle to accommodate the cold, but he didnt know how. As it got closer and closer to winter Brian was getting more and more nervous. He decided to make a chimney in his house and bring the fire inside. Then he fortified the walls to make them air tight.

It occurred to Brian that he would still have to eat and he wasnt sure if animals were around in the winter. He upgraded his weapon stash to kill larger game like dear, bear, and moose.

When winter came Brian was fortunate enough to track down a moose. He killed it with his killing lance and the meat lasted for weeks. He lived off of killing large game and storing the meat in the snow to keep it fresh. As problems arose Brian kept building new things like snow shoes and arrow heads made out of stone rather that wood. In the Canadian forest it gets really cold at night, but Brian always kept warm because of his animal pelts that hed kept from the hunt.

As the winter was slowly turning to spring Brian went in search for firewood when he saw the trail of a toboggan. He followed the trail until he reached a small shack. The people who lived inside were hunters who came down for the winter to get fur. Brian was awestruck. After a week of living comfortably with the family in the hut the supply plane came in and took Brian home to continue his altered life.

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