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Anglo-Saxon Values in Beowulf Essay


The epic Beowulf tells a story bout a heroic monster and the monsters ad hardships he faced in life. Innocent wise people dont regret Beowulf going to find Grendel. Grendel was looked up to by many wise people. Beowulf was loyal and protective of his king and the civilians. He was strong for his society. In the folk epic Beowulf, it references to Christian ideas and traditions, and values of an warrior society.

Beowulf represents many Christian ideas and traditions through out the epic. They gave thanks to god for their easy crossing. By thanking god for their safe travel, they represent the Anglo-Saxons because they were Christians and God is who they believe in. It shows that the epic represents Christianity ideas, because they believe and trust in God. God must decide who will be given to deaths cold grip. They believe that God has the final say in death and is in control of everything. Also that God is the only one can judge the monsters in this epic. Beowulf also shows Christian ideas in line 381 To hell he would go, meaning Grendel will suffer the consequences by going to hell for the wrong things he has done. The narrator states When the wind stirs and storms, waves splash toward the sky, as dark as air, as black as the rain that the heavens weep, meaning that God has the ultimate power. The epic looks to God, and it also shows God plays an important role in their lives.

The epic shows the values of a warrior society, dignity and bravery. Beowulf was brave to step up and be heroic and go after Grendel. He was brave to put an end to the monsters destroying at a place of innocent people. Beowulf entered the battle with dignity. And stronger than anyone anywhere in this world Heard how Grendel was filled nights with horror and quickly commanded a boat fitted out, Proclaiming that hed go to the famous King. The heroic monster was willing to defeat Grendel and protect his people, eve if nobody else was. Even after 50 years, Grendel still had dignity when he entered his battles.

The epic showed the values of Anglo-Saxon relating to their religion. And it also relates to the values of a warrior society and the Anglo-Saxons beliefs. The Anglo-Saxons believed in god and were Christians. It also shows the similarities to the Anglo-Saxons.

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