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Character Interactions in As You Like It Essay


As You Like It

The interaction between character, action, and the results of action unfolds the significants of a vital chance at fate. What comes at you as the level of physical action is an expression of another dimension of causality in the plane of life. Shakespeare possessed a great insight into the reality and into the role of individual character and social output of the wider character of life.

I wanted to open up with that statement to let you know what the play said to me. As You Like It is a one of Shakespeares comedic and love plays. Many readers I feel just take this as a comedic play but forget that there are four weddings at the end of this play. It is a very easy read, with the comedy and the inter love story most everyone read and enjoy this story.

The majority of this story takes lace in a forest where I find that this is where the characters go to get away from the city life. The forest is just representing a vacation in a sense or that its just good to go somewhere, where you can just relax and enjoy the peacefulness of the country. Throughout the plot all the characters are bothered by the court system and the stresses that come with it.

The issue between the two is a classic battle of he got more than me and I am going to get mad about it. Both battles are he said, she said and I want to kill you to get this and

that. The play sorts its self out in the end of course. Orlando saves his brothers life in turn this gains his love, trust, and gratitude. The Dukes eventually solve there much disputed land dispute and gain each others trust and all is well.

Unlike most plays of its time with the man having to do most the work in getting the woman. Rosalind is the one that is doing all the work to win her man. Using her disguise much to her advantage she is able to bring 2 people together and some how plan her own wedding. I am not really sure how she was able to do all that disguised as Ganymede but she did.

In conclusion, in my analyzes this play is just a fun and playful Shakespearian write. Most people just dont find Shakespeare a playful type of writer. Its story of love and falling in love is a great plot and theme.

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