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Are The Walls Parents Good Parents Essay


Are the Walls Parents Good?

What do we consider as good parents? Well in my perspective I feel that good parents are ones that have love for their child. When youre a parent you want to make sure that you are always there for your kid no matter what the situation is. Things could be going good or bad, but you always make sure that you are right there by the side. Being able to provide for your child is also a big part of being a good parent. Just in general good parents are the ones who accept you, educate you, respect you, and keep you safe. Based on this I feel that the Walls parents are good parents, even though they make some bad decisions.

They do everything as a good parent is considered as. For example, in the story The Glass Castle, The Walls parents cared a lot, in their own way of caring, about their children; the father taught them about geology, and physics, and much more. And when they would leave to get away the children were always protected. Whenever they did the skedaddle they always had a place to stay, even if it was the desert.

Jeannettes parents always kept them safe. One time when they were in the desert, Rose, the mother, showed the kids which plants could be eaten and which were toxic. She made sure that they stayed safe and away from the dangers, and also stayed clean. They never did wrong by their children. These people just are different and have a different perspective of living habits than we have. They couldnt be bad parents because bad parents wouldnt care about their children, they wouldnt keep them safe, nor would they be providing for them as much, if any, as how much good parents do. So again, i say yes the walls are good parents because they do whats supposed to be done as a good parent, even though its a different way.

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