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Sin and Individuality in Anthem Essay


Smart, different, tall, and independent, are some traits I can describe about equality, to be exact, Equality 7-252. Written by, with unique philosophy, Ayn Rand has written the novelette Anthem. In Anthem, Equality 7-2521 faces an epic struggle for freedom and an unpardonable sin. He also is like Prometheus, a Titan. Both are like man, because every man thinks for himself. (65)

Equality 7-2521 is like the peach in the apple tree, for he has committed the unpardonable sin. They all had to be like their fellow brother man. " We are one in all and all in one. There are no men but only the great We, One indivisible and forever." (Rand, 19) Without individuality the world would be nothing. If everyone started to think and be like everyone else, the world would have no thought nor opinion, and the world would not advance like the novelette Anthem. Being faced with the epic struggle, he ran away because they, being the Council, did not approve of his invention. For them to approve his invention, they all needed to agree, which was very foolish. It seemed that they were afraid of it because they could not explain it themselves, since they should know everything. All man has his own moral on life whether it is to follow, or to be there exclusive self. (161)

In our own way, we all light up the world. Most people in the world do things to make the world a better place. Some may argue that most dont. on the other hand. There are people who do. In Anthem, Equality 7-2521 literally lived in a world without electricity. Being the hero in the crowd of villains, he made a light box, even though it was against the law, because he thought his brother men would accept it. In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a Titan known for his clever intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to humankind for their use, because he wanted to help them. Both were trying to facilitate, thinking that they would be forgiven. It was very unselfish of them to do so. On the other hand, we dont know the whole story. Because he stole the fire from Zeus, Prometheus got punished. His liver was be eaten by birds each day, and each day, he would have more livers for the next day. Fortunately, he was saved by Hercules. We do not know how Equality 7-2521 would have been punished, for he ran away to the Uncharted Forest. Together, they were lucky because, either they ran away were they knew no one was going to go look for them, or they got saved by this grand hero. They should be very privileged because luck just passes by it doesnt occur to everyone. (240)

Being individual is a jewel. You dont have to worry about what's in and what's not because they always change. Everyone thinks for themselves, whether they want to or dont, but that's just human nature. The past can re happen in the future as long as we try to be like everyone else. If we dont, we can change the world for the better, the way we all think its going to be. Anthem brings out a good point of the past and of the future, whether from the geeks or the dark ages to many years from now when one forgets what a car is. The past can always happen again. (102)

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