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Analysis of Ralph in Lord of the Flies Essay


The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

The novel is basically a story of British students stranded on an island and their story of surviving the life at the island without any adults. In this novel, Golding expresses his opinion on the human nature using characters. Though there are many different types of human nature showed in the novel, major theme can be considered as the development of mans personality overtime.

The main character, Ralph, becomes the leader of the group of students in the island. At that time, he is described as somewhat young and immature boy. As the story proceeds, Ralph becomes mature person from an adolescent child. At the end of the novel, however, Ralph ends up breaking down in the presence of an adult. This flow of change in Ralphs characteristics is the message that Golding is mainly sending out to the readers.

As the novel begins, Ralph is depicted as a normal young boy who is somewhat irresponsible. Even after being chosen as a leader, he is portrayed as an inexperienced leader. As a leader, he acts in a way that he would regret in the latter part of the story. However, his attitudes change as he becomes responsible and mature. By the end of the novel, however, Ralph begins to break down after becoming someone without any influence over the group.

This simple flow of change in Ralphs characteristics depicts the human nature in many ways. First of all, it shows how humans are vulnerable and easily influenced by the environment they are in. The environment of an island without adults drastically changes not only Ralph, but others in the group as well. Secondly, the change in Ralphs personality shows how human is a social being. One cant live by oneself is a definite fact. Moreover, even if people exist around, if one cant socialize or interact with them, it makes one to be depressed due to psychological stress.

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