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Commentary on Wuthering Heights Essay


Catherine and Heathcliff didnt have any support with their love because all Heathcliff was seen as is lower class and a servant, nothing that any girl should marry. Like she said it would degrade her in society.

Heathcliff is a dynamic character. Even though his love doesnt change, he does. He changes because his love for Catherine never goes away. The change Heathcliff makes is destructive. At the beginning of the story when Catherine and Heathcliff fall in love Heathcliff seems to be this loving gentle person, but when Catherine marries Edgar and Heathcliff seems to have lost the love batter he turns into this violent young man that takes things from people. Hes simply heartbroken.

Catherine is a dynamic character. She is the protagonist in the story. At first she is just a young woman that is in love and she wasnt aware of the distinctness of British social classes. When she grew older and was hurt and went to stay with the Lintons she learned a different lifestyle and was prone to the different social classes and she knew her love for Heathcliff was clearly unacceptable.

Edgar Linton is the antagonist. He was a static character. Edgar was a spoiled child and hes been rich all his life. Heathcliff fights him and Catherine sees is and says, Heathcliff would as soon lift a finger at you as the king would march his army against a colony of mice. (Bronte). By saying this Catherine meant that Edgar was helpless and he has been all his life.

Along with characterization Bronte also uses conflict to portray the themes of her novel. One of the major conflicts of the novel is Heathcliff vs. himself. Heathcliff has a need for possession. Heathcliff leaves with the express intention of remaking himself into an image that will satisfy Catherine, (Goodlett 125). This shows that Heathcliff will do anything to have Catherine for himself. He doesnt stop until the day he dies. He is continually trying to make

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