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A Symbol For Laura In The Glass Menagerie Essay


Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie is based on the memory of the narrator Tom, from the play. The characters in the play consist of Amanda, Tom, Jim (the gentlemen caller), Mr.Wingfield, and the main character, Laura Wingfield. Everyone worries about Laura because of her situation in which she dropped out of business school. In order to ensure a happy life for her, Lauras mom, Amanda desperately searches for a gentlemen caller for Laura. To help, Tom brought back a friend from work (Jim) and invites him to dinner so that Laura was able to meet him. As it turned out, Laura and Jim had known each other since high school. Laura opened up to Jim and showed him her collection of glass menageries. She explained how her favorite one, the unicorn, was unlike the rest of her collection. Unfortunately, the horn broke off of the unicorn but it helped to further represent Laura because of their similar situation of being different from the rest.

As we know, glass can easily be broken and it needs good care. Glass is fragile, delicate, and light shines through it; these traits are very similar to Lauras personality, and characterize her traits. Lauras character is brittle, kind, honest, and she goes along with everything. An example of this is when Amanda found out Laura has dropped out of business school and asked her what shes been doing instead, she gave a honest responds of Ive just been going out walking..All sorts of places- mostly in the park. Laura knew Amanda was mad at her, but she just told Amanda what she has been doing instead of going to business school. Second example is when Amanda tried to get Laura out of the house so that she could talk to Tom about Lauras issue. Amanda told Laura, Laura, are you going to do what I asked you to do, or do I have to get dressed and go out myself? Laura just responded shes going and went to go get some butter. Third example is that Tom and Amanda have to take care of Laura because she cant be on her on, just as in Laura lives in her own world of ornaments and takes good care of her glass collection.

As mentioned before, Laura showed Jim her favorite animal of her collection. She told Jim that the unicorn is different from the other horses because the unicorn is the only horse with a horn on its head. Laura is different from other girls because she has a disability and has a tendency of being isolated from the world. This makes her unique and one of a kind like the unicorn in her collection. Even though she has a disability of being cripple, peculiar, and separated from others, Laura has her inner shyness and beauty that also makes her unique. Jim told Tom, Shy, huh? Its unusual to meet a shy girl nowadays. Jim pointed out that there are not a lot of shy girls and that Laura is different.

Afterwards, Jim heard music from the bars and asked if Laura wanted to dance, she said no at first, but then she just went along with it. When they danced, the unicorn was on the table, but when Jim danced toward the table, the unicorn accidentally got knocked over. The unicorn didnt shatter into pieces, but the horn broke off. Jim then apologizes, but Laura responds, It might be a blessing in disguise. This symbolizes that Laura was becoming an ordinary girl just like the rest of the world and the unicorn fitting in with the rest of the horses. This whole time Jim has been trying to help Laura lose her inferiority by trying to talk to her, dance with her, and even kiss her.

In conclusion, the unicorn does symbolize Laura. The unicorn needed lots of good care to keep it nice, and Laura needed assistance. Also, the unicorn is different and one of a kind because it has a horn. This goes for Laura as well because Laura has a uniqueness of being cripple, peculiar, and isolated from the world.

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