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A Sound Of Thunder Compared to Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket Essay


The greatest accomplishment of literature is that it challenges us to consider how we want to live our lives said by Mr. Cain. This quote means that to accomplish something in life, one has to face many challenges to show how he or she lives their life. This critical lens is true because in ones life there are challenges that will change ones life and how he or she will live it by accomplishing goals. Two elements that relate to the critical lens are character and conflict. Contents of the Dead Mans Pocket by Jack Finney and A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury both relate to the critical lens.

Contents of the Dead Mans Pocket by Jack Finney relates to the lens because they protagonist, Tom has to decide between two important things in his life, his work and his wife. Tom has a chance to become the Boy Wizard of whole sale groceries. For him to be able to get the promotion he has to type a paper, and the heading of it is, Interoffice Memo. This relates to the lens because Tom wants to get the promotion but his wife also is going to the movies and he was supposed to go with her. Instead he needed to stay home and finish his work so he can get the promotion. Another example is that Tom has to decide how hes going to get back into the house without killing himself.

Tom has to decide how hes getting back into his apartment without falling off the ledge. He cannot wait for his wife, Clare, to get home either. She wouldnt be home for a long time. He would end up freezing from being outside for so long. Tom ends up getting in the house by punching the window. He ends losing his paper out the window again. But this time he just lets it go and leaves to meet up with his wife.

A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury relates to the lens because the main character also knows as the protagonist, Eckels decides to take an adventure into the past and kill a dinosaur. Eckels is so happy and excited he gets to go into the past and kill an animal. But what he doesnt know surprises him. Eckels did not know if he would come back alive because the man behind the desk said there was no guarantee that one comes back alive. Yet Eckels still doesnt back down. He wants to into and past and accomplishes his goal. Another example, involving conflict is that Eckels actually sees the dinosaur and is suddenly scared. When Eckels gets to the jungle, and actually sees the dinosaur, he is speechless and wants to leave. Although Travis told him not to talk, Eckels didnt listen and he kept talking and suddenly the dinosaur sees them. Eckels says it couch reach up and grab the moon because on two feet standing the animal was huge. Eckels end up walking off the path while walking back to the machine. He ends up changing the whole entire future and ends up getting shot because he was told not to step off the path and he did.

In the end, Contents of a Dead Mans Pocket and A Sound of Thunder both relate and show similar characters and similar conflicts. Tom ends with his wife and Eckels end up changing the world in the future. Both characters have accomplished challenges in their life and it has changed how tom and Eckels lived.

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