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Depression n A Perfect Day Fo Bananafish Essay


A Perfect Day for Bananafish

The story A Perfect Day for Bananafish by J.D. Salinger is a sad story that deals with depression. Depression is a terrible sickness that a lot of people suffer. The main character Seymour Glass is a man who has tried to kill himself and is now on vacation

We all have made choices we are not proud of and have regretted in the past. Life is not about looking back and letting the past hold you down. Its about maturing and learning from your mistakes.

As a young men we are constantly trying to get the attention of females; we often do bold, courageous and silly shenanigans to obtain a date or a phone number as a bare minimum. I am glad I have matured a small bit, to say the least; to where I feel comfortable talking to a female and I do not have to resort in silly mischief anymore. Although, old habits die hard, I feel confident in saying, I have minimized the amount of childish tactics. Fortunately, I have not been in the situation or in a position to where it has involved a job, but I have done some crazy stuff that I have later regretted. Most of the time they have involved alcohol and never worked out the way I intends them to do, but I can say that they were fun times. One might say singing karaoke, would seem like a foolish thing to do to get a girls attention but at the time I didnt even think so, although the results were not what I expected. It was fun even if the girl did not appreciate it.

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