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1984 as a Warning to Our Society Essay


Our world that we live in today, the one that is advancing in technology and revolutionizing the way of life, is slowly turning into the structural society of the book 1984. Factual evidence shows that when George Orwell wrote this dystopic novel, he used events that were currently happening in the word, such as Nazi Germany, the Stalingrad regime and a different but possible outcome of WWII. If something like that can happen in the past, then it can definitely happen in the future. Also, we are presently living in a world that is technologically advanced and where the individual is more intellectual than ever, and is able to use his talents for power or control. Another key factor is that evil can conquer good once and for all, which Orwell shows in 1984.

When the book was written, it was a warning from the author that the world is in a cycle in which the person in power is always overruled by another until mankind will smarten up and will know how to keep their rule, and if they are successful enough, forever. He tells us that power contains no goodness, no kindness, but only greed, evil, and cleverness that can destroy us and rid us of our soul. He shows us one government that learns to safeguard their position and in order to do this, they control the minds and thought of their people and constantly keep watch on them. Soon, they are in so much power that it is as if their people have sold their souls to the government.

During the early 90s, a new government arose in Germany. Its dictator, Adolf Hitler, promised that his regime would spread wealth and better times throughout the land. Because of his powerful and persuasive voice, people actually consumed his lies and believed in him and the thought of a better future for Germany. Instead, Hitler ended up killing 10 million people and this genocide did not improve or provide wealth to Germany. All it did was corrupt and spread evil all throughout the nation. Given that there were persuasive lies on Hitlers part, people actually thought that Hitler was doing good and kept their loyalty to him, no matter how confused they were. A famous person once said, A lie told enough times becomes truth. That is true in this case, and that was true in the book.

Well, people might say that they can resist pain and go through fear just to keep their rights and their opinions, but isnt that what Orwell showed in his book? That if you spread propaganda to people that appeals to them, they will start following it? And soon enough, people will think that this current propaganda is the right way to go, meanwhile abandoning their old thoughts and opinions. For example, if you are mean to a person, that person will move on to another friend. Now, let us say that the new friend tells the person about all the good qualities they possess. Soon, the person believes it, but it turns out that their friend was only using them and actually didnt care for them at all, and the old friend is better than the new one. This is what happens in 1984, except for the fact that the people never realize the evilness of the government. Who is not to say that things like this arent happening in our society today?

When you take a look around our world, you will see that there are cameras everywhere. Some of them, you do not even notice because they are hidden. This means that we can be compared to the telescreens of 1984. Like people of the books society, we never know when we are being watched. They can even get access to our private information, such as our credit card information or who we were talking on the phone to the other day. Are we slowly losing our privacy to the government? This author thinks so.

Rapidly advancing without a pause, technology can be taken advantage of both ways. In a good way, this means faster and easier to go to places or have contact with the world. But it is also very easy for an evil person to wake up one morning and use the technologies at hand to do bad in the world. As our society rapidly improves, so does the intellectual of the individual. By studying the past, they can understand the mistakes and learn not to repeat them again. Also, books and the access to the World Wide Web have made it easier to obtain information about almost anything.

Sure, all of this can also lead to a utopia, not a dystopia. But as Orwell has proven in 1984, evil can and will prevail because of its cruelty, greed and temptations. Meanwhile, good has much too kindness, not knowing how to fight back to something much superior than itself. Also, mankind is not perfect. There will always be mistakes, there will always be flaws. So for our human race to step up and work together so suddenly would be a very rare event. How can a civilization like this suddenly turn into a utopia?

Our society is slowly turning into the dystopic novel of 1984. It might be hard to believe now, but take a closer look and you will see that the more human civilization improves, the bigger chances there are for the world to turn from the pathway of good to the road to evil. George Orwell used the events happening in our world to write his book and was the first to realize that we are unconsciously paving the path to our destruction.

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