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Liberty Vesus Security in 1984 Essay


In 1984, George Orwell addressed the theme liberty versus security. The government was very protective over the countrys people, often denying their rights. Big Brother was always watching over everybody to keep them secure. Our society can learn from this because it shows how the government should make sure that their country is secure, but they cannot take complete control over citizens lives. George Orwells message was that it is not okay to take complete control over everybodys lives and thoughts, but instead everyone should have some freedom.

In 1984, the main character, Winston Smith, faced many hardships by the government. He was denied many freedoms, like not being able to have his own thoughts or opinions about the government. If he had his own opinions or kept a diary recording his thoughts, he feared the thought police would come arrest him and take him away. George Orwell used this to show a very important theme. The theme he portrayed was that it is okay for the government to have some control over its people, but they cannot be dictators of everyones life. His message shows our society that the government should, and currently is, giving our people some space to withhold our own opinions, which is an extremely important quality that helps to build trust in the government.

In conclusion, 1984 holds themes that everyone can understand, and hopefully will learn from. 1984 shows what it would be like if the government really did have complete control over everyone and everyones thoughts and opinions. This novel showed that it is right to have some sort of manipulation over the citizens of a country, but everyone should still have many freedoms. The government cannot just become a dictatorship government. 1984 successfully helped portray how far a government can go in controlling peoples lives, but it also portrays how people would react to their government having this kind of power, which greatly impacts our society. George Orwell used the theme liberty versus security to accurately show a governments power.

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