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Relationships in 1984 Essay


The True Relationship

It is truly a bombshell when the reader finds out that Mr. Charrington is a member of the thought police. However, if this is a surprise, then the only way to describe OBriens true identity is ironic. It is exactly the opposite of what the reader would think he is. On the contrary the reader always knows who and what Julia is about from the first time Winston made conversation with her. All of her facts were plainly on the table for Winston to know. As the books progresses it is evident that Julia is more of a sexual friend whereas OBrien is a mystical friend until Winston actually meets him, but even then things are still a little foggy. Winston has a relationship with both of the characters but it is apparent that the true relationship lies between Winston and OBrien and not with Julia.

The relationship between Winston and OBrien is an unmistakable one. In the beginning of the book Winston has a dream of OBrien, a man that he has never met before in his life. In the dream OBrien tells him we shall meet in the place where there is no darkness(25). At this stage of the game Winston doesnt really no what to make of it, Whether OBrien was a friend or an enemy(25). Winston interprets this dream as though OBrien is going to be his savior and help him find a way out of the life that he lives now. After meeting OBrien, but before going to his apartment, Winston has a slight suspicion that OBrien could be part of the Brotherhood, which intrigues him. This hunch is bolstered upon Winstons visit to OBrien flat. It is there that OBrien talks to him about the Brotherhood and also promises to send Winston a copy of the book(177). By book OBrien meant a copy of Goldsteins The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism(184). This whole fiasco just proves that Winston has a sort of deeper than skin relationship to OBrien to have trusted him there.

There is only one way to sum up the relationship between Winston and OBrien; unique. It is astonishing how much trust Winston has in OBrien, who to him is a complete stranger. Even after things go sour Winston still trusts OBrien and OBrien is always there over looking all of Winstons recovery. When Winston is in jail OBrien tells him, They got me a long time ago, because Winston is shocked to see him in the jail (238). OBrien realizes that Winston is very similar to himself and goes out of his way to help cure Winston. Dont worry Winston you are in my keeping. and he was the protector he was the friend. portrays this idea flawlessly (244). While he is curing Winston, he is always there to support him when he is all shaken up, almost like OBrien is parent to him. OBrienwas directing everything. It was he who prevented them from killing him. Is a perfect example of OBriens care towards Winston (243).

The relationship between Julia and Winston is almost a non-existent one. As soon as some sort of obstacle is thrown their way, their relationship crumbles. Julia and Winstons relationship is a sexual and lustful one at that. They dont really show true affection for each other and they dont even share common interests. Julia just likes to break little laws but enjoys her life the way it is, whereas Winston really wants to overthrow the party in anyway that he can. There is a specific part in the book where Winston is reading Goldsteins book to Julia and stops and asks her, Are you awake? with the answer always being no because she didnt care enough to stay awake.

Saying that Julia and Winston have the stronger relationship is out of this world insane because at the end of the book Winston uses Julia to get out of room 101. Do it to JuliaI dont care what you do to her. Cleary shows that if any relationship were to have existed it would have died soon there after proving that the truest relationship is between Winston and OBrien.

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