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Dr. Aziz and Mr. Fielding's Relationship in A Passage To India Essay


A Passage to India

A Passage to India by E.M.Forster reveals many things with different understandings, between the relationship of Dr Aziz and Mr Fielding throughout the novel, and the relationship becomes more obvious to the readers in the extract given.

Firstly the fact that Fielding has just come out of the bath before the extract begins, creates more intimacy, as this could be the first time that Aziz has seen him without shirt. Then Aziz offers his collar back stud, and helps Fielding place it, which shows confidence and trust. Before this Aziz is sitting on the bed, as he feels comfortable in Fieldings house, due to the reason that its Moslem, however for English people this may be seen as inappropriate and rude. Aziz explains how he dreams about having splendid clothes again and riding into battle behind Alamgir. The fact that he shares his dreams shows confidence and intimacy.

Aziz uses intellectual language asking Fielding if Miss Quested is she a Post-Impressionist. In my opinion I think he is showing off, and trying to look better to Mr Fielding. However, Mr Fieldings reply offends Aziz, and he then lies about Mrs Moore being his friend, and says a single meeting is too short to make a friend, although, we as readers know that Dr Aziz is very fond on Mrs Moore from the beginning, as she is very respectful of the Islamic culture and takes off her shoes automatically when entering the mosque.

Furthermore, the reader can notice Dr Aziz frightened or shy when he invites the women to his house. When he does invite them, he does not think about the consequences of them two seeing his old and ugly, in my opinion, house. So then to correct his mistake instead of canceling the meeting, he makes it in the caves. Now, of course Ronny is going to say no to this trip, but the woman want to discover India.

In conclusion, the relationship between Dr Aziz and Mr Fielding is friendlier than anything else. Anyways, Aziz treats Fielding with too much respect. He still sees that English style in Fielding that makes Fielding respected. Fielding is a good hearted man, who treats the Indians as if they were British, and Dr. Aziz likes and respects this. The relationship between these two characters is very easy, Dr Aziz respects and adores Mr Fielding, and Mr Fielding cares about Dr Aziz.

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