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Death in A Rose For Emily Essay


Death is an event we eventually will encounter. Most people have lost a family member, friend, or loved one, and seen death from the angle of tragedy, sorrow and loss. The irreversible absence of someone is a hard thing to deal with. However, the way you deal with death will determine the effect it will have on you. In the short story, A Rose for Emily, author, William Faulkner, created a character Emily that does not deal with death in a health way. However, the townspeople in which she lives are unaware of the effects that death has on her. Consequently, they began to speculate what is occurring in her life. Subsequently, in A Rose for Emily, Emily has to face several different conflicts such as letting go of loved ones, her town judging her, and issues concerning her taxes.

Emilys dad dies was the first tragedy in her life. The death of her father was an unfortunate loss to Emily because she was sheltered for years by her father. She was not allowed to date and could only date men in her social class. This was a devastating loss to Emily. According to Faulkner She told them her father was not dead. She would not acknowledge his death and conveyed the message she was trying to hold on to him even in death. In addition to her father dying, the only man that was in Emilys life was a man by the name of Homer Barron. He was a contractor that came into her life while paving sidewalks for the town. The relationship with Homer Barron is short lived and they will never get married. The townspeople speculate and some said that she would never marry Homer himself had remarked he liked men. Homer eventually was no longer seen around town and was thought to have moved on. The townspeople become concerned.

Although, Emily was dating Homer the townspeople didnt approve, because Emily was in a higher social class then him. He was considered a Laborer. Emily continued to walk around time with a sense of importance and superiority. The townspeople fear that she will commit suicide when she buys arsenic. The apparent superiority and stubbornness of Emily to explain to the pharmacist of why she needed the arsenic leads to this speculation. Homer shows up again and they speculate they will marry. Due to his social class, subsequently the townspeople get involved and calls for a minister to visit Emily. After no success from the minister they call upon her relatives to speak with Emily.

Meanwhile after all the interventions to try and help Emily is futile and they think she is ok. They will know try and get Emily to pay taxes on property that was forgiven by a previous official of the town. She would tell them her taxes had been paid and would blatantly continue to ignore request that was sent for her to pay. After, several attempts that went unanswered the officials decide to visit Emily and demand her to pay taxes. Therefore, taxes were a way to keep in touch with Emily. Despite her choice to be left alone and be left alone; the townspeople would continue trying to persuade her to pay taxes. Emily was adominate about not paying taxes because her father never did. The house was the only thing left to Emily once her father died.

In conclusion, Once Emily died and her family buried her respectfully. They finally went into a part of the house that had not been opened for years. When they opened the door the body of Homer Barron was found beside it was a strand of hair from Emily. Homer had been murdered by Emily in fear of him not marrying her loss of her father would subsequently lead to the death of Homer. Death is an event experienced by many. The way we deal with death determines our future.


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