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A Need for Love in A Rose For Emily Essay


A Rose for Emily is a great example to how many people are needed of another person company. We may resort to desperate measures to prevent being alone in life and to be with the ones we believe love. Even though A Rose for Emily was written 80 years ago back in 1931 but things havent change we see this so much in today still. Though I you may say our actions today are not normally as extreme as Emilys, but I feel this story shows as a great metaphor to how many for us will stay in situations long after the relationship has died.

After the death of Emily's father her actions became bizarre. When Emily's father died, she kept the body for three days before she broke down and came to the realization that the first man that had ever shown her love was gone. In my opinion this broke her heart and began the process of her more pronounced distance from reality and the rest of the world. The following summer she met Homer, a day laborer from the North. Emily and Homer were seen around town by the many townspeople, who were glad for Emily but at the same time they didn't believe that Emily's relationship with Homer would become serious, because he was a Northerner and a day laborer.

When people observed a very positive relationship between Homer and Emily they all stated, "she has fallen. They weren't even the least bit surprised when Emily went to the local druggist to get some poison to kill some "rats", they just assumed that she was tired of living in sin, and that she got the poison to kill herself, once that conclusion was reached, the people went about their normal lives and decided suicide would be the best thing Emily could do under her circumstances. Since Emily had no intention of killing herself some of the townspeople began to say that her lifestyle was a disgrace to the town and a bad influence on the children of the town. They were so outraged at this display of immoral behavior that, the wife of the towns Baptist minister wrote Emilys' cousins about her behavior.

People watched the development of Emily's life with her cousins, after awhile gossip spread about town again, and they were "sure" that Emily and Homer had gotten married, because Emily had been at the local jeweler's and ordered a man's toilet set in silver, with the letters H. B. on each piece. Two days later she bought a complete outfit of men's clothing, including a nightshirt. The townspeople were happy about this and ran the cousins off. Sure enough, within three days after the cousins were gone Homer was back in town. A neighbor of Emily's saw her manservant let Homer through the kitchen door at dusk one evening And that was the last the town saw of Homer.

Emily wasn't seen or heard from for six months. The next time Emily is heard from her hair has turned gray with the onset of age. She kept herself busy for about seven years giving china painting lessons. Sometime during her sixties, after seven years of painting lessons, Emily closed her door for good and was never publicly seen again. .

Many years later Emily died at the age of seventy four. The entire town attended her funeral but for very different reasons. The men attended out of simple respect for the fallen town character, and the women so they could satisfy their curiosity and get a look inside Emily's house shunned. The house is open to the public and the men go to the upstairs room, which to the towns knowledge had not been opened or seen in over forty years, and broke down the door. Once the door was broken down to the shock of the townspeople they found the body of Emily lover Homer decayed to a skeleton, they also noticed a second pillow with an indentation of a head and they saw on the pillow a long gray hair. My personal opinion is that Emily picked Homer to replace the only man who loved her. When her father died she wanted the body. If she would have been able to keep the body there would be no doubt that when she died the body in the bed would have been the body of her father.

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