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The Value of Land in A Thousand Acres Essay


A Thousand Acres Essay

The novel A Thousand Acres, gives meaning to any land the characters own. The characters value their land because it is a part of them and their everyday life, revolving around their acres of land. Every one has a different experience and feeling towards it, making them mostly personal.

For example, Ginnys grandparents receiving their land helped reach everyone related to them a different experience, including their own. The history of how they expanded little by little makes a difference to the characters.

Ginny has had horrible experiences at the farm, because of her dad sexually and physically abusing her. To her all the whole thousand acres of land make her miserable, making her want to leave. Since the farm is hell to her she decides to wait until the case is over for he to finally be free and enjoy life. The only problem is she is set to hold on that goal due to her sister Rose, another victim of her dads abuse, getting breast cancer. She states , Rose left me with a riddle I have not yet resolved, how we judge those that hurt us and show no remorse. Expressing the anger she has not yet been able to get rid of. Not also inferring no forgiveness will be given to her father but, also no care in the world for him.

As for Rose, it is the same feeling of hate and anger. Both, Ginny and Rose, express throughout the novel their feelings very openly. Were not going to be sad. Were going to be angry till we die, Rose makes a pact with Ginny that no matter what they will forever be scarred and will not forgive their father.

On the other hand, the farm means a lot tot the Davis because John Cook helped them re-organize their farm sold. John Cook eventually falls inlove and marries their daughter, helping the Davis even more considering they had no one. They all feel very thankful because he helped with the flooded farm, but mostly because they found family.

The setting contributes to the book at a very high level, having many different meanings to the characters. But all have a significant experience with all a thousand acres of their land. This, making the setting the most important part of the story for every single one of them.

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