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Imagery in A White Heron Essay


Sarah Orne Jewett described an image, when Sylvia and the cow followed the shady wood-road, lively. Sarah used a string of verbs and adjectives such as: let bare feet cool in shoal water, twilight moths struck softly, heart beats fast with pleasure, birds and beasts say goodnight to each other in sleepy twitters, soft and sweet air, and escape from the shadow of the trees. This string of verbs and adjectives takes readers into that gray shadow of shady wood-road and moving leaves. By reading this paragraph, I actually could image that beautiful quiet but scary scene. I could feel my feet in the cool water; I could feel that soft and sweet air is hugging me; I could hear that beautiful melody from the birds and beasts; and I could hear my heartbeats when a shadow follows me. Sarah described this image lively.

Sarah described an image, when Sylvia was trying to climb up the tree, interestingly. By reading the forth and fifth paragraphs of chapter two, I could image how hard it took to climb up the oak tree. Sylvia used her bare feet and fingers, pinched and held like bird's claws, passed from one tree to another, and were scratched by the sharp dry twigs. After I read these paragraphs, I don't think that I would be interested in climbing tree in the future.

An image of what Sylvia saw when she is up on the tree, was described fascinating. One again, Sarah used a string of adjectives such as: dawning sun making a golden dazzle over it, feathers were as soft as moths, sun came up bewilderingly bright, shining birches and dark hemlocks. Once again, I could image myself in Sylvia's position. High in the tree-top, I could see the fascinating ocean by dawn; I could feel the softness of a heron's feathers; and I could hear a beautiful melody that was sang by birds.

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