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Education in Animal Farm Essay


In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, my opinion on education is that it plays a huge roll in the book. Education results in many positive ways. For the pigs, all due to education, they had all power, all the food, and didnt have to do any work.

The pigs definitely had positive impacts from the education they had, because they got all the power on the farm. With all the power the pigs could basically do whatever they wanted, and could run things how they thought it should be run. Often the pigs on the farm made changes to how the farm was working with rules and etc. because they could do so. Not only that, but the pigs also got all of the food on the farm.

Why it was so good to be a pig, was because they got all the food they ever anted and the rest was to feed the other animals on the far. None of the other animals could talk against the pigs, because they led the farm and gave them there food and water and everything. The pigs had all this loyalty just because of there knowledge that made every other animal to look up to them. If the farm was running low on food no pig would ever go hungry because they would get fed first then all the other animals because the pigs are the most important. Last5ly the pigs never had to do any work, simply by out smarting all the other animals and leading the farm.

The pigs made all the rules and could change them whenever they pleased, no animal could do anything about it, unless they wanted severe consequences of course. Reading ability was crucial to the pigs because barely any other animals could read the constitution to know what it said so all the pigs could just change anything in there favor. Basically in there list of rules and amendments they made it so they had to do no work at all. All due to education they could change pretty much anything without any other animals having a clue.

All because the pigs were the only animals that could read or write, with few exceptions, they were able to run the farm. Everyone was loyal to the pigs because they were the leaders of the farm, they were knowledgeable, and everyone looked up to them. Education for a pig most definitely had its advantages on Animal Farm.

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