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Candy's Dog in Of Mice and Men Compared to Boxer in Animal Farm Essay


In a clear, direct, well organized paper, compare the fate of Candy`s dog in Of mice and Men with the fate of Boxer in animal farm. What do their ends suggest about the value of each society?

In the novel Of Mice and Men, Candy`s dog were killed because it was old, useless and can`t do anything good for the society at the ranch. On the other hand, in the novel Animal Farm, Boxer was killed because he was injured and can`t offer any good to the farm and Napoleon sells him to the slaughter house because he thinks that Boxer may not be able to serve for him anymore due to his injuries. Both of the animals were having the same fate, they were killed because of their condition which only brings good if they were dead.

Before Candy`s dog became old and weak, it was a strong dog and helped a lot at the ranch. It was a good sheep-dog when it was young, as we can see the evidence in the novel when Candy said that to George and Lennie in page 26, God, he was a good sheep-dog when he was younger. It is shows us that Candy`s dog was healthy and strong and have done it duty very well when it was young. It is same with Boxer; he was a strong and hardworking horse even he was under Mr. Jones. Boxer was a very strong animal compare to others animal in the farm we can see the evidence in the novel at page 41 Nothing could have been achieved without Boxer, whose strength seemed equal to that of all the rest of the animal put together. We can see the similarity of both of these animals before they were killed because of the aging problem and injuries both of them were really useful and give their contribution and devoted and loyal to their work and master.

In the novel Of Mice And Men, the incident of killing Candy`s dog is reflecting to the society in the ranch which they did not want to be old and useless. We can related Candy`s dog to him because Candy is an old men and have a disability. The society in that ranch has a mindset which is when they become old and weak they will be useless and they dont want live at that age. As we can see in the novel when Slim said that he also want to be shot to dead when he become old one day. We can see the evidence in page 43 I wish someobody`d shoot me if I get old an a cripple. Slim is the most powerful and respected person in that ranch even him said like that and giving approval to Carlson to shot Candy`s dog. The society in that ranch presumes an old, useless and handicap person as a burden and no use at all. We can reflect the society that selfish and only care for their own good and when something or someone didn`t give any good to them they will eliminate them.

In the novel Animal Farm, the societies at that time were loyal and put their fate in they leader, Napoleon. They giving their full commitment for their leader and hoping for the change. However they have been used by their leader the upper class people. The working class of people did not treated equally by the leader. The upper class of people only thinks for their good by using the working class of people. We can see when Boxer gave everything to help for a better future of the Animal Farm, but in the end when he was injured and unable to work efficiently, Napoleon sold him to slaughter house and was killed. We can see here the upper classes people control the fate of the working classes by giving them order without really thinking about their welfare.

In our society, the people that have power owned the weak, helpless and useless people. As the weak and helpless people dont have power to protect their right, they have no choice but obey the upper class order or will. We can see that both Candy`s dog and Boxer fate are reflect to the society and the consequence that they have to face.


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