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Analysis of Chapter Eight in Great Expectations Essay


Mr Pumblechuck and his sister have sent Pip to Satis house were he meets a rich old lady called Miss Havisham and a young girl named Estella who both treat Pip with great unkindness throughout chapter 8. In this essay I will give examples and evidence of the way they treat Pip from the text to support my view.

Miss Havisham treats Pip very unfairly and is very manipulative towards him. Particularly when she says, I have done with men and women, play. Miss Havisham knows the word play will be a very difficult command for Pip because he is in new surroundings with people he does not know. She says she has done with men and women, this could be because she was dumped at the alter when she was young. Adults have hurt her so she has turned to children because they are easy to manipulate.

Miss Havisham deliberately tries to intimidate Pip in chapter 8. She says, You are not afraid of a women who has never seen the sun since you were born? This shows that Miss Havisham has not seen the light of day for a very long time and so her appearance must seem frightening to Pip. This is phrased as a question however it is rhetorical. Miss havisham is actually telling Pip he should be afraid of her and this is very intimidating.

Miss Havisham also plays with Pips emotions when she says, Are you sullen and obstinate? As before this is phrased as a question when in fact it is rhetorical. This suggests that Miss Havisham actually thinks Pip is sullen and obstinate. This makes Pip scared that Miss Havisham will tell his sister that he was sullen and obstinate so he says, If you complain of me I shall get into trouble with my sister. By Pip saying this we know his sister is very strict and wants him to give a good impression of his up bringing.

Miss Havisham is purposely very impatient towards Pip. This is shown in the phase she check me with her former impatient movement of the fingers of her right hand. This illustrates that she has no respect for Pip and is very impatient as she interrupts him whilst he is speaking to her. She does this to show Pip she is important and to disrespect him, which shows that she thinks he is not good enough for her.

Miss Havisham wants to humiliate Pip. She tells Estella to Beggar him. at cards. She says this in front of Pip to show that she does not like him and wants him to lose the game. She wants Pip to know this so he will feel upset. The reason she doses this to Pip is because she hates all men because she got her heart broken by one, furthermore she is going to get her revenge by training and then making Estella break as many mens hearts as she can.

Miss Havisham also shows her authority over Pip. Pip says to Miss Havisham I think I should like to go home now. But Miss Havisham replies You shall go soon, play the game out. This demonstrates that Miss Havisham wants and will decide when Pip goes home. He has no say in the matter. Miss Havisham likes to be in charge and takes no consideration concerning Pip.

Estella is Miss Havishams daughter. She is a very bossy and insulting young lady who acts much older than she really is. Miss Havisham has brought up Estella to think its a good thing to be spiteful and mean towards people, especially men and the lower class.

Estella is consistently insulting and disrespectful towards Pip. She calls him Boy repeatedly. She does this to show she is of a better class than him, and she wants to be a lot more superior to him even though they are the same age. She also calls him boy to take away some of his dignity and identity because he is not being called by his first name. This makes Pip feel upset because he is being treated unfairly almost like an animal.

Estella is extremely commanding to Pip, she constantly uses the word dont, For example when she says, Dont loiter Boy. She shows she is in command by using the word dont. Also by bossing him around Pip starts to believe she is much older and there for more superior when he says She was as scornful of me as if she had been one and twenty, and a queen. He starts to respect her more because he believes she is like queen and also much older than him which shows he thinks she is powerful and therefore he respects her and thinks more of her.

In chapter 8 Estella is especially disrespectful towards Pip. Estella starts find fault with pips appearance and the way he speaks. She says He calls the knaves, Jacks, this boy! and What coarse hands he has! And what thick boots! Eventually Pip begins to believe what Estella is saying and he becomes ashamed of himself. He blames his upbringing including Joe, the only person who has ever really loved Pip. Estella has made him hate himself and his loved ones when really he should hate Estella for saying those things about him. This is also a form of manipulation.

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