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Equality in Harrison Bergeron Essay


Do you think everyone and everything could be equal? Can you imagine what the society would be like when everything is equal? If you are dissatisfied with living in that kind of society, what will you do? Will you bravely tell the whole world what is on your mind and what you think the world should be like or are you just content with things as they stand?

Kurt Vonneguti through the short story Harrison Bergeron fabricated a time where everyone was finally equal in 2081. There, people were strictly ruled by laws set by Diana. Those who were smarter than others wore handicap radios in their ears in order to mess up their minds, and those who were prettier than others would wear masks to cover their faces. Harrison Bergeron, a 14 year old student, was the main protagonist in the story who held onto his own beliefs and ideals. He thought that it was very radical for everyone to be equal in the whole society. He encouraged the musicians to take off the handicaps and to play music. He also encouraged people to break the law governed by Diana. However, things didnt go as he had planned. When Diana finally grasped Harrisons motives, she became enraged and executed both Harrison and his chosen queen.

We can learn a lot from Harrisons selflessness and determination. He risked his life for the betterment of society. He reminds everyone including the readers the price we must pay to achieve our dreams and equality.

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