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Commentary on Kurtz in Heart of Darkness Essay


Kurtz is the known as the first class agent of the company, and he is basically the best of the best in the business. Kurtz is the number one agent because he collected the most ivory among all other agents. Kurtz outstanding reputation travels fast and Marlow first hears about Kurtz when he embarked on his journey to look for this man. The chief accountant has mentioned to him that he would someday meet this remarkable man. Kurtz' legend and reputation has somewhat start to alter or become less extreme since Marlow has been introduced to different side and personal characteristics of Kurtz from different people that he ran into. Through all of the people Marlow spoke to that knew Kurtz was on a personal level or an associate level. Remarkable means to be worthy of notice for the actions they have made. I agree that Kurtz has been a remarkable man, because of all the different views and good things from him that travel through all the people. He has been perceived as a great man among men. Some perceived him as being a politician, universal genius, prodigy, and an exceptional agent. That is before he fell into the evil clutches of the jungle, and still did something remarkable by becoming a god like figure to the natives of the land.

Marlow first heard about Kurtz through the Chief Accountant, he said that In the interior, you will no doubt meet Mr. Kurtz. Marlow asked who he was and the Chief Accountant replied He was a first-class agent and he also added that He is a remarkable person. seeing as how Marlow seemed disappointed at the information. The Chief Accountant says that Kurtz was in charge of a trading-post, and it was an important because it was vital to the companys production. Having all of that responsibility Kurtz managed to send in as much ivory as all the other agents put together. This is the point in the story where Marlows first perspective of what kind of person Kurtz is. He sees Kurtz as a very hard working person who takes in all the responsibility to be the best.

Marlow has taken the mission to go up Congo River to rescue Kurtz from. They would not head up the river, as the prelude of the mission begin fog starts to surround the area and Marlow refuses to travel because they might ground the steamer if they proceed blindly. They hear cries coming from the fog. Marlow hears the cries as a sorrowful tone. Then after the fog lifts, the natives attack the ship and they end up killing the African helmsman. He blamed the helmsmans death on his lack of restraint. After they evaded the attack, Marlow finds out the reason why they were under attack by the natives. They did not want the invaders to take Kurtz away from them. That makes it seem like Kurtz has been a good and valuable part of their lives. Having the natives treat you like a god makes you think how you could lose your sanity and your inhibitions.

Marlow's feeling towards Kurtz prior to his death wasn't touching, but more of being fascinated. The emotions that Marlow saw within Kurtz at that moment were the expression of somber pride, of ruthless power, of craven terror-of an intense and hopeless despair. Kurtz then cried out, The horror! The horror, as he passed away. Kurtz realization of this world was that he was not a god like figure; he was like an ordinary person like everyone else. Marlow then visits Kurtz intended or fiance one year after Kurtz death. Marlow perceived she was one of those creatures that are not the playthings of time. She was mourning over Kurtz like he only died yesterday the emotions that Marlow felt made him feel that way as well. Kurtz' fianc said What a loss to me-us! she had corrected herself what beautiful generosity then added in a murmur, To the world. By the last gleams of twilight I could see the glitter of her eyes, full of tears-tears that would not fall. She was obsessed with Kurtz, and cared for him very much. But Kurtz didn't seem to feel the same way back. When the fiance asked what Kurtz' last words were, Marlow could not tell her the painful truth. He told her that Kurtz last words were her name.

Marlow's last thoughts of Kurtz' is that he was a remarkable man. To know a man you have to deal with him directly in person. To see what he does under certain circumstances and how far he is willing to go before he breaks down and become something else. A man can grow up to be a remarkable figure for everyone to look after or be a powerful savage monster that everyone will afraid if the environment and the needs drive him toward that road. Marlow always thought of Kurtz as a genuine and remarkable man even before looking at him face to face. That could be a big price to pay under some other circumstances. This could be a great lesson for someone other than Marlow regarding judging a person even before you ever met him. In this case, the price was not too high but the lesson is rather remarkable.

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