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Friendship in Of Mice And Men Essay


Friendship is a word used many times by people who have had a very close relationship throughout many years. Loneliness on the other hand is a very strong and lonesome word for many other people. In the book Of Mice and Men both of these words are developed very often.

Friendship is used by the two main characters of the book, George and Lenny. George and Lenny have been working together for a very long time. They do not separate from each other for nothing in the world. These two men help each other out through the good times and the bad. They are one of the few men who work together, because many of the farmers live a lonesome life without their friends or family.

Another example of great friendship is Candy and his dog. In the story Candy is an elderly man who has been working in the farms for quite some time. Candy and his dog were best friends. He had the dog since it was a puppy. He would do anything in the world for the dog, he loved it like it was his own son. When Carlson shot the dog, Candy was very depressed because his best friend and companion had died.

An example of loneliness in the story is the nigger who worked in the farms. This man lived a life of loneliness and slavery. In this era black people were considered garbage. All this man would do was work and read, no one really cared about him. In this time frame the Great Depression was in full affect. Many men left their families to go work in farms where they would give them some money. Out of the group, Lenny and George were the only ones together. Even though these men shared a common household, they would always end up traveling by themselves.

These two words are very important in peoples lives. They give important messages about friends and peers. In this book it shows how both of them exist in every day life. The book is about two men, who have been friends for a long time and end up being alone at the end. Of Mice and Men teaches people to be careful with the friends and peers life gives you, at the end youll always be standing alone.

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