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Scene Analysis: Othello Essay




In Act II, Iagos scheme to undo Othello becomes more calculated and involves more victims. Explain the steps he takes to achieve his goal and how he traps his victims.

Did you know that throughout the play of Othello the adjective generally preceding Iagos name is honest? Othello, Desdemona, Cassio, Montano, and Roderigo all consider Iago as an honest person. This is ironic, because in act two of Othello Iagos scheme to undo the moor starts to involve more people. He begins to use Cassio, manipulate Othello, and persuade Roderigo into doing things, which will benefit no one but himself in the end.

Iago uses Cassio because he wants to make him look bad in front of Othello, since he took Iagos qualified position of lieutenant. One way Iago does this is by getting Cassio drunk. Even though Cassio did not want to drink, Iago managed to convince him to share a container of wine. (Act 2, Sc 3, L 26). Iago also pretends to be Cassios friend and gives him advice (Act 2, Sc 3, L 238). Iago tells Cassio to go visit Desdemona, making him think that she can help him with his drinking problem. This will make Othello think she is taking Cassios side (Act 2, Sc 3, L 307-333).

Iago also uses Othello by gaining his trust and making him look favourable in his eyes. One way is by showing Othello that Cassio is drunk, and persuading Othello that he is not lieutenant material nor trustworthy (Act 2, Sc 3, L 105-115). Another way is by embellishing the way Cassio attacked Roderigo, making Cassio look more and more like the instigator (Act 2, Sc 3, L 199-224). Iago also gives Othello a lot of personal advice, which will make him look very trust worthy in Othello eyes.

Iago also persuades Roderigo into doing things he wouldnt necessarily do by lying to him. Knowing that Roderigo is madly in move with Desdemona, Iago tells him that Desdemona was getting tired of Othello, and was now in love with Cassio. This then gives Roderigo the idea to remove Cassio ( Act 2, Sc 3 L 325-330).

In conclusion, Iago is a very clever and intelligent person. He has no problem manipulating and persuading people to get what he wants, since he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. In act 3, he plans to continue on with his scheme, by telling his wife Emilia to make Desdemona take Cassios side, and finding the right moment for Othello to see them together. Do you think honest Iago will succeed or get caught?

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