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Scene Analysis: Othello Essay


Desdemona and Emilia

Act 4 scene 2

In the very beginning of the act Othello questions Emilia about Desdemona. Emilia is assuring him that Desdemona is very faithful. Othello does not believe Emilia, and goes to Desdemona threatening to banish her and call her a whore. This is when Emilia comes in and Othello leaves. Desdemona is very exhausted from all of this and she knows that she is going to be punished, but she does not understand what she is being punished for. Emilia says her own thoughts. She thinks that there is a villain that has made Othello turn against Desdemona. Also, Emilia thinks that this villain has made Othello very jealous.

When Emilia first enters Desdemona tells Emilia what is wrong. Emilia tells Desdemona that she believes that Desdemonas husband is her lord. Desdemona then tells Emilia to put her wedding sheets on her bed and to also tell Emilias husband to come talk to Desdemona. Desdemona then complains, and does not get why this is happening to her. Iago then comes and enters. Desdemona tells Iago what has happened and that Othello called her a whore. Desdemona want to know if she is a whore. Emilia explains to Iago why Desdemona is so upset. She tells Iago that she gave up her father, country, and friends. If she was actually a whore would she really do that? Iago acts like he had no idea, and that he does not understand where Othello got the idea that she was a whore. This is when Emilia says that some evil busybody made up the rumor about Desdemona to get some kind of position. Emilia becomes very angry and Desdemona wants to know what she can do to get her husband back. Then after Desdemona and Emilia have talked, Roderigo and Iago start a conversation about everything.

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