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Love in A Worn Path Essay


Has anyone ever demonstrated strong love to you? Well, a lonely elderly colored woman did and she is on a mission of love. Phoenix Jackson in the story A Worn Path proved her love for her grandson. Only if you can imagine what someone would go through for their loved ones. Being that she is an elderly woman, going on a journey must be hard, but it is said that people would do just about anything for someone they love.

Phoenix Jackson manages to fight off nature in her battle to get into town. The reason she is so desperate to make it to and from town is to pick up medicine for her sick grandson. Her grandson has swallowed Lye and will probably never wholly recover. Phoenix travels through woods and up hills up through pines and down through oaks. She would get tired at times, so she would stop and sit down for a few, Something always takes a hold of me on this hill-pleads I should say. Being that Phoenix Jackson is an old woman, her eyes werent all that great so its like if she were depending on her feet to know where to take her.

An old black woman in a white world, and in a position in a world that considers her as being unimportant, she still manages to make it through her small journey to the clinic in the town. There is so much inside Phoenix, So many years, so much pain and so much awareness. I really feel Phoenix is an old wise black woman with a big heart and strong potential. Even though she loses her memory for a few minutes, she quickly remembers why she was at the clinic. As soon as she has the medicine, she is given a nickel I going to the store and buy my child a little windmill they sells, made out of paper. He going to find it hard to believe there such a thing in the world. Inside Phoenix knows her little one would be grateful.

Many people in this world may sacrifice a lot for their loved ones and many people in this world may not. I truly believed that Phoenix Jackson demonstrated strong love to her grandson after the journey she was on. And it is known that she does this every time her grandson is in need of his medicine. Now that is strong love.

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