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Esperanza in House On Mango Street Essay


House on Mango Street Final Essay

Once Eleanor Roosevelt said, The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams This quote portrays to Esperanzas life because she made it through the challenging obstacles in her life by believing in her dreams. In the novella House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros, is the narrative that is seen through the eyes of Esperanza Cordero, an adolescent girl coming of age. She starts of as an insecure twelve year old girl who is quite selfish but in the end Esperanza finally matures and gains more confidence within herself. Throughout the novella her neighbors uncover forces that pull Esperanza to stay rooted to her cultural traditions, and those who compel her to pursue a better way of life outside of the barrio (neighborhood). Esperanza Cordero goes from being an insecure girl to being a young woman seeking her own independence.

Esperanza is exceedingly insecure at the beginning of this novella. For instance, Esperanza says, In English my name means hope. In Spanish it means too many letters. It means sadness, it means waiting. It is like the number nine. A muddy color (Cisneros 10). This quote used shows how Esperanza does not like her name and how she wishes to have been born with another name. In reality Esperanzas name is one of her many insecurities. However, this is not the only reason why Esperanza is insecure. As an example Esperanza states, I am an ugly daughter. I am the one nobody comes for (Cisneros 88). The quote used explains how Esperanza has low self-esteem and does not believe in her inner beauty. Evidently, Esperanzas judgment is based on her opinion towards herself and with her constantly thinking low of herself, will not help the fact about her insecurities. Clearly it is obvious that Esperanza is an exceptionally insecure girl; however, Esperanza begins to mature greatly and gain more confidence throughout the book.

As the book continues Esperanza begins to grow and gain confidence. For example, Esperanza says, But when I came home that afternoon, all wet because Tito had pushed me into the water hydrant only I had sort of let him (Cisneros 53). This quote shows how Esperanza is growing up because she passes the phase of thinking boys are gross. The fact that Tito actually likes Esperanza helps her gain confidence from that experience. Although, this is not the only way how Esperanza demonstrates her maturity. In addition, Esperanza also states, I looked at my feet in their white sock and ugly round shoes. They seemed far away. They didnt seem to be mine anymore. And the garden that had been such a good place to play didnt seem mine either (Cisneros 98). This quote shows how Esperanzas childhood is staring to fade away slowly turning into adulthood. Therefore, she starts to mature into a young lady. All of her past experiences show how Esperanza has grown so much that by the end of the book she can achieve her dreams.

By the end of the novella Esperanza gains confidence and is now able to achieve her dreams. For example, Esperanza sounds more mature when she says, They will not know I have gone away to come back. For the ones I left behind. For the ones who cannot out (Cisneros 110). This quote shows how Esperanza is confident about her leaving Mango Street. As well as, the fact that when she said she will be coming back for the ones she left behind, shows how she matures and grows to think of others. However, this is not the only example of how Esperanza is able to achieve her dreams. Esperanza sounds very self-assured when she says, One day I will pack my bags of books and paper. One day I will say goodbye to Mango. I am too strong for her to keep me here forever. One day I will go away (Cisneros 110). This quote shows how Esperanza is confident in leaving Mango Street due to the strength of her desires. Similarly, this goes to show how Esperanza has grown far more stronger than Mango Streets authority in keeping her there forever. In conclusion, Esperanza finally transformed into a full mature young woman who has full confidence in leaving Mango Street.

In essence, although Esperanza starts out insecure at the beginning of the novella, she becomes more confident at the end. If Esperanza did not live in such harsh environments, she may not have matured as fast or gained the confidence she has now. To begin with, Esperanza starts out insecure because she does not love who she is and is quite ashamed of her background. However, towards the middle of the novella, Esperanza gains some self confidence because she is beginning to believe and express herself. In conclusion, Esperanza becomes a confident young lady who is able to achieve her dreams all because she finally accepted who she is and where she is from. To this day in society there still remain adolescent children that grow up in harsh environments who do not yet have the confidence to achieve their dreams. Further speaking, it is possible that all kids can benefit from reading about Esperanza and her personal experiences within the novella because they can possibly learn how to gain confidence within themselves and even learn to keep believing in their dreams.

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