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The Raven Compared to Victor Was a Little Baby Essay


The Raven and Victor Was a Little Baby Analyst

The Raven by Edger Allan Poe and Victor was a little baby by W.H Awden are two poetic tales of the inner struggles of men and the way the two heroes deal with their problems. In both poems tones of macabre of mental breakdown and alongside those of death and religion. The poets both rely on personification, repetition and alliterations to push the chosen themes to the forefront of the heavily structured stanzas, and it is combined of these poetic devices, alongside the darkness of the themes that The Raven and Victor was a little baby both have haunting moods. Victor Was A Little Baby is presented as a first person narrative and The Raven being delivered by an omnipresent third- person.

In the poems Victor Was A Little Baby and The Raven both of the main characters were religious. I think religion is a very good theme to discuses about the poems. In Victor was a little baby, Victor was a strong believer in his religion and faith, from a very young age. His father putting pressure on him not to dishonour the family name and not to tell lies. He expresses these feelings by using metaphors and religious references. The Raven expresses the use of religion with repetition such as nothing more and forevermore at used at the end of each of these stances. The Raven, which is the bird, is a religious symbol that was sent by the prophet to help the man character deal with his problems.

Mental Breakdown is another theme used in The Raven and also Victor was a little baby In The Raven Poes character is on the edge of sanity and is emotionally unstable over the loss of his love and starts hearing the voice that cries Lenore.

The theme of death is portrayed between both poems. Death is an occurring theme mentioned throughout the two poems with the death of Victors father in Victor Was A Little Baby and the death of Lenore in The Raven. Throughout The Raven rhyming and alliteration were some of the devices used to represent death. In The Raven Poe shows that death has changes a person and it was using such words as December and Midnight, both of theses symbolizing the end of something that could also mean the start of something new. In Victor Was A Little Baby death is shown when Victors father die and also is shown when Victor kills the love of his life. Alliteration and metaphors were some of the devices used in this poem.

Most themes in The Raven connect with each other. Towards the end of The Raven, we see that the character goes into an emotional outburst all to do with the Raven. Poe has used a technique that is called playing on words, it is shown at the end of each stanza with forevermore and nothing more before the raven enters. After the Raven enters there is an increased amount of mentioning of Lenore and nevermore as he starts to feel the pressure.

Both poems Victor Was A Little Baby and The Raven share themes of mental breakdown, death and religion. In these poems some of the devices that are used are rhyming, alliteration, repetition and personification.

In both poems the two tails show the convincing story of many themes brought together by poetic devices. In the poem Victor Was A Little Baby there were many similar devices used. Death is shown many times in both poems but to be able to change someones mentality, causing them to confine into their hearts and grieve instead of moving on, also pressure is placed on the main character until he shows his mental anguish.


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