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Commentary on Dreamland Essay


Another book that I like is Dreamland by Sarah Dessen. On the day of Caitlins birthday, she wakes up to find that her older sister Cass has left her family and ran away. All Caitlins life she felt like she had to follow her older sisters footsteps. Cass runs away with her boyfriend after being accepted to the University of Yale. Caitlins family is very upset and tries everything in their power to get her sister to come back home. While their trying to get Cass to come home Caitlin feels guilty and tries to become her moms new perfect daughter.

To start off with a new beginning Caitlin joins cheerleading. She also meets a boy. Theres something about this guy she meets with dread locks, trouble maker, and deep green eyes, that leads her to him something mysterious that Cass has never experienced and to Caitlin that was exactly what she wanted. Caitlin didnt think that being in love with Rogerson would be dangerous beyond imagined. While she starts seeing him she gets pressured into doing things she never done before, like drugs and drinking. He leads her away from her dreams and goals. He carries her away from her friends and family. What happens when being with Rogerson becomes a larger problem than being without him?

Dreamland teaches a great lesson to teens by age about what kind of relationship that some people enter into. Also about what might be going through those people's minds and why it is so hard to get them to realize that what they are doing is not healthy. I never really understood why people who are abused stay in the relationship, but this book gave me a better understanding of that. It is definitely a page turner, sometimes I got scared myself because I didn't know what was going to happen next.

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