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The Theme of Anger in A Poison Tree Essay


A Poison Tree has a theme of what anger does to you if you keep it in. Also this poem is a song of experience, not of innocent because of what occurs throughout the poem.

The theme of the poem is about what happens if you bury anger than rather exposing it. Blake begins his composition with introducing what occurs when one exposes their anger, I told my wrath, my wrath did end, and when one keeps it inside, I told it not, my wrath did grow. The first stanza is basically an introduction to his theme. While the anger is still held inside it begins to grow: I watered it in fearsand it grew both day and night. In the end, when the Poison tree grew the apple, the foe seemed to have bitten it.

The reason why this poem is a song of experience rather than a song of innocence is because of what the person is feeling. When it comes to innocence, a child does not know anything, therefore, the child has no reason to feel fear or anger. But this person is feeling fear, which is that something might happen to him or to his foe. Its as if this person knows something bad will occur and has experienced a situation like this before. The anger that this person is feeling must be a feeling that has been felt before. The first two lines he was upset with his friends but didnt want to be. So he ended his anger and that was that, but when it came to his foe, he didnt mind it at all.

A Poison Tree is not about anger but an insight into what anger is and does. The person that is saying the poem has experienced such a situation due to how he reacts to this situation.

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