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Addiction in A Million Little Pieces Essay


A Million Little Pieces

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey is a novel full of addictions. Frey wrote an autobiography to portray the life and to tell his story, the story of an addict. His goal was to reach out to his readers and to teach them a lesson that no matter how hard life gets, it can always be turned around. That is exactly was James Frey did, he took a horrible situation and turned it around for the better. This novel goes into full detail about all of the obstacles and challenges he went through in a rehab center trying to restart his life.

I found this novel to be heartwarming. To hear all the struggles that this man had to conquer touched me. It made me feel that I could do anything. If this man could do what seemed impossible, imagine what I could get through. This novel was so emotional and realistic that it took my breath away.

At the beginning of the summer I choose the two books I was going to read for my summer reading assignment but little did I know that the books were going to be so similar. For my other selection I choose Cut by Patricia McCormick. These two books storylines were so comparable that at times I felt like I was reading the same book. There were only two major differences. The gender of the main characters where opposite and their addictions were different, but they both were struggling to overcome self mutilation in treatment facilities.

A Million Little Pieces was an interesting and attention-grabbing novel. I would definitely recommend this novel to other readers of all ages. I would especially recommend it to an individual who was struggling through some of the same issues. It would serve as a great self-help book because it is very touching and motivational. If James Frey could defeat his problems, there is no telling what else can be done.

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