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The Road Essay


There are a lot of possibilities for the apocalypse in The Road but there are only a few that could be a possibility. It could have been a volcano or a nuclear meltdown or maybe a giant solar flare. However the best explanation for the apocalypse in The Road is a nuclear meltdown.

There are many things in the road that show this was a nuclear meltdown here are a few: looked out over the wasted country (Mccarthy 6) and Charred and limbless trunks of trees (8). In the book everything is burnt theres ash in the atmosphere and everything id destroyed. All of that could definitely be caused by a nuclear meltdown. evidence shows a nuclear meltdown is one of the most likely ways for the world to come to an end. In the road the whole world is destroyed and there's not to many things that are cable of doing that. A nuclear meltdown is something that can take out the whole world .

There is ash every where in this book its all over the ground in the air in the atmosphere. The only way all that ash could have got there is the nukes sending it into the air and atmosphere. All the ash in the air kills you really fast is gets into your lungs and cuts them and starts to make them bleed after a long enough period of time. The ash is also blocking the sun light so you cant get any vitamin c. if you dont get vitmin c then you die.

There are nine countries that have ammited to having nukes. If one of those countries were to hit another one they would get in a nuclear war and eventually every one would be firing nukes at each other till there's not much left. Thats what happend in the road one fired then they all started to fire. A bunch of people would have died from the explosions but many people would die from the radiation. Theres many things that can end the world. In the road there are only a few posibiltys. The thing that makes the most sense for the apocalypes is a nuclear meltdown.

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