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Crank Essay


In Crank by Ellen Hopkins, Kristina is a character that can not avoid peer pressure, and helps one realize living above the influence is a major decision in life that can either make us or break us. When she went to Albuquerque, she met this gorgeous boy Adam, and knowing that he was bad news off the bat when she witnessed him dealing crank the previous day, she could not resist but to come up and talk to him when he noticed her. Its part of nature for all human beings to encounter with that gut feeling inside of us once in a while, and sometimes it wouldnt hurt if we actually listen to it, and let it guide us into the right direction. After meeting with Adam a couple of times, she starts falling deeply for him. Eventually Adam starts exposing crank to her and offers this monster to her. Having this approach of If he can do it, what is the worst thing that can happen to me if I join him, nothing was standing in her way at that point from saying no. One can benefit from this experience, because we have to be very wise when it comes to deciding who you are going to associate yourself with, and allow to be influenced by. When she had to come back to the real world, in Reno, unfortunately the addiction followed her. At that point she would do whatever it takes to get her hands on it. She wounded up meeting this guy, Brandon, and in return for some crank, she allowed herself to get physically abused. Readers can benefit from this because even though at first things might seem to be all fun and games, it is not always as easy to say no when the real world starts calling.

The most important thing is realizing when you hit a dead end, not capable of doing anything more for yourself, and understanding that its time to seek some professional help for guidance. Ellen Hopkins comes across to her audience with the theme, Beware of the people who you associate with because some ancient wise person once said tell me who your friends are and I will be able to tell you who you are.

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