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Into The Wild Essay


What general reasons made Chris think it was ok to embark on his trip he was a young man who thought he was ready to embark on new beginnings however in the end His attempts to create a stable environment for himself ended in tragedy.

Chris had a plan on what he wanted to do in live. His back plan was better then most peoples plan A. He knew what had to be done and he got it done. He graduated from a great school and had the option to go to law school.

Chris thought that leaving was the right thing to do. He would leave and back come like nothing would change. Everyone would just be happy to see him again. He didnt see that his plan was going to do more wrong then good. His benefit was the only thing that he could see. Chris was like a horse with blinders on. Only able to see the finish line nothing else.

Chris McCandless was strong-minded that was fend up the materialization that was gaining a stronger hold on the hold. His idea of getting away and cleansing his mind was great in thought. 30 years down the road he didnt want to look back and think that he didnt live his live to the fullest. To have regrets so big that he would be harping on the memories 30 years down the road.

When most people are worried about gradation grifts Chris was becoming antsy to just get away from everything and live in a world that was all his own. Simplistic in though but complex in realty all wanted was to start a new. Threw the beginning of the trip I thought to myself that Chris was a brave individual to be able to leave home. To start from scratch to know that everything is going to work out for the best in the end. Helping and inspiring people while he was searching to find himself. Everyone that helped him along the way was instrumental in him reaching his goal. He never gave up on his goal he did what ever he needed to do when it needed to be done.

Ron Franz had the biggest impact on him. Ron gave Chris the knowledge to fully be able to find inside him self so that he could find out who he really was. Ron not only helped Chris find himself he gave him a skill. All the other people that Chris meet were free spirited and close to him in age. They looked at Chris as an equal. Ron looked at him along the lines of a son. Putting Chris under his wing. Trying to make sure that Chris didnt make the same mistakes that he made in his life.

Maybe Chris wasnt ready for the next step in life. So he thought stepping away and making an attempt to freeze the world around him was what he thought he needed. Chriss parents always had a temeluchus relationship that seemed to always be on display. All they were doing was making things harder instead of confronting the problem it was pushed to the side like it was on the Saturday to do list. He needed air to breath to have something on his mind that wasnt school or his parents.

The reality however was a pour planed adventure into the wild. It was a selfish endeavor that was only planed for self-benefit. Chris never saw the strain that he was going to put on the people that were in his life before the embarked on his adventure. While he was off traveling seeing new places and meeting new people everyone from his pre Alex Supertramp life was on an emotional rollercoaster unable to go about their lives. Trapped with thoughts of Chris running rampant in their minds. Not knowing were he was or whom he was with unable to gain a grasp on realty because such a big part of their realty was messing.

Chris was too much of a risk taker pushing the limits as far as they could go just to see how far he could push himself. He was his own person no matter what. He was very stubborn. Chris missed so much time with his family his sisters prom the mending of his parents relationship. His life in general had become totally isolated. He did all this to attain what he wanted in life so much. Which was to total isolate himself from everyone and everything because he thought that life was so commercial. That people had become so driven by all the wrong things. He got what he wanted but it was too much for him to take on at one time.

The trip did its job in the end. Chris started to realize what was important in life. That live was startling a struggle in its self and you just had to make sense of this place we call home.

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