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Chris in Into The Wild Essay


What exactly was McCandless?

In the book, Into the wild, by Jon Krakauer. A boy named Christopher Johnson McCandless or for short Chris McCandless. Was a very intelligent young boy who had all that any boy would want. He lived a simple life, had high honors in all his education levels but Chris had thought there was something missing in his life. In Chris opinion he never got along with his parents. He was a rebel. To what they wanted for Chris he didnt want it. Chris did the opposite of everything. He indeed had his own opinion to everything and he stood by it all the time. Chris abandoned everything at one point, left his parents, left his nice car, and gave away his savings to charity, and he burned everything that was left in his wallet. Chris wanted what was best for him and invents a new life for himself, wanted to start his own journey without anyone stopping him to do so. He liked doing a lot of things by himself; he wanted to learn new things. He wanted to start hitchhiking to Alaska and find whatever answers he may want. But what did this all mean? What kind of person was Chris? In my opinion I think Chris was an adventurer. He wanted to be someone else for once in life, and forget all the people he knew, Chris wanted to start out fresh.

On the way of Chris is journey to Alaska. He always would meet new people and hed always get along with everyone he met. Each time Chris would make a new friend, hed always cherish each person in his heart and promise each of them that he would write to them to keep in touch. Wayne Westerberg, a hyperkinetic man, with thick shoulders, and a black goatee, was one of the people he met along the way of his Alaska journey. I hate to leave you out here in the goddamn rain. You got a sleeping bag why dont you come up on to sunburst; spend the night in the trailer?(Page 17). This quote can state that Chris is adventurous because he has the guts to meet people along the way, talk to them about his life, and even work for them to get paid. Chris in this case wasnt a coward, a loner, or a shy guy. Chris had a good personality that everyone loved because of his open talks.

Chris was definitely brave enough to leave anything behind him. And never go back for it. With the battery dead there was no way to get the Datsun running. If he hoped to get the car back to a paved road, McCandless had no choice but to walk out and notify the authorities of his predicament.(Page 28) Chris didnt want to notify his car that it broke down to some rangers because he didnt want anyone asking him questions regarding to his life, remember Chris wanted to start out FRESH, so Chris didnt bother giving out any real information. He just wanted to live his life simple and not worry about anything.

Chris had great affect to some of his friends lives. Hed learn something new and they would learn something new too off of Chris. Chris wasnt rude; he was truly friendly, and a good boy to trust. He even had a Wayne Westerberg the want to adopt him as his own so that he can handle him in his care. Chris got his attention to everything, he did everything Westerberg had told him to do, and never had talked back to him even once. Before Chris leaves Westerberg he sends him a letter.

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